Cathy Hummels: “I am constantly working on myself”

Today (April 13), the popular reality show “Kampf der Realitystars” resumes on RTL. Once again 22 candidates fight for the cash prize of 50,000 euros on the beach in Thailand. Among others, former “Bachelor” candidate Yeliz Koc (28), “Summer House of the Stars” bully Mike Cees (34) and cult farmer Schäfer Heinrich are at the start.

Celebrities fight for airtime and at the “moment of truth” it’s decided who gets off the show. Host Cathy Hummels (34) also plays an important role. In an exclusive interview with, she revealed how she prepared for the new season, how a day of filming is, what it was like to be with the stars and what we can already look forward to. wait for us.

Cathy Hummels was assaulted and beaten in Thailand towards the end of filming. In the video above, you can see how she came to terms with this horrible experience.

Professional relationship between Cathy Hummels and “KdRS” celebrities: “There were no in-depth discussions”

It remains to be seen who will leave with the title “Realitystar 2022” and thus follow in the footsteps of singer Loona (47), but the star casserole definitely promises a lot of entertainment – especially if she is Cathy Hummels in the “hour of truth “. As celebrities grow together and get to know each other better, the wife of Mats Hummels (33) must keep her distance from the candidates, as she explains: “I only see her at ‘the hour of truth ‘ and I have one there in a neutral role – I’m not on either side, I’m just trying to be objective about what’s going on.”

Cathy Hummels: This is what ‘Battle of the Reality Stars’ viewers can expect

When asked if there was a connection to Yeliz Koc in particular, since both are young mothers, Hummels said only that “the moment of truth” is very serious and that such “deep discussions” do not are not the place. Nevertheless, of course, she checks the celebrities from the first meeting – and immediately finds out her favorite, who it was exactly, but she does not want to reveal it: “I always find it exciting that everything fits together in the end: who wins, who performs, who is the most honest and who is the most dishonest, who is the funniest”. They surprised the contestants again this season. “I was surprised: at the beginning, I had another favorite only at the end”, she admits. A highlight of the show can be mentioned by Cathy: viewers can rejoice in the “bomb body” of Elena Miras (29).

“Battle of the reality stars”: Filming days in Thailand were really exhausting

Although the anticipation was high to shoot on the beach again in Thailand, such a day of filming is not for the faint of heart. While the best moments are selected and shared on Instagram, shooting in South Asia is very different in reality: “That means it’s long and it’s a lot of work,” Hummels says. Nevertheless, it’s a profession, that’s why she doesn’t complain about it, “you just have to grit your teeth”.

Cathy Hummels’ role in ‘KdRS’ is serious – ‘but actually I laugh all the time’

Overall, Cathy seems to have a very professional and ambitious work ethic. Before filming the third season, the 34-year-old even underwent moderation training because her role in the series was rather serious. “It’s a little harder for me than just being Cathy because I laugh all the time and have a smile on my face.” In order to be able to better slip into this other role in front of the camera, “I wanted to learn a few additional tools and I hope you will see it”, she says proudly. “I’m constantly working on myself,” she continues. A quality that is certainly of great advantage in her role as influencer, moderator and mother.

You can see “Battle of the Reality Stars” every Wednesday at 8:15 p.m. on RTLZWEI. The consequences are also RTL+ accessible.

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