Cathy Hummels posts a meaningful photo

The dating drama about Mats Hummels and Celine Bethmann is entering the next round.Image: Revierfoto / Revierfoto

What drama in the love life of Mats Hummel! Following dating rumors about “GNTM” model Celine Bethmann, she confirmed Sunday night that the two are dating. But that’s not all: a real falling out on social networks broke out between her and her always-wife Cathy Hummels. Now Mats Hummels has spoken out for the first time via Twitter.

Celine Bethmann is dating Mats Hummels.

Celine Bethmann is dating Mats Hummels. Image: dpa / Gregor Fischer

But first things first: After Bethmann confirmed the dating rumors, she reportedly missed out on Mats Hummels’ wife, Cathy, via a direct message on Instagram. The two continued their Instagram beef. Monday evening, Cathy Hummels finally continued with a freshly published family photo. You can see Cathy, Mats and their son Ludwig.

Mats Hummels takes the excitement of his person with humor

The footballer, on the other hand, initially did not comment on the story of the encounter. However, he has already left a like or two on Twitter at this point. The “Like” information already gave an idea: Hummels obviously takes the chaos of the meetings around him and the public attention he attracts with humor.

Here’s how he responded with a “like” to a tweet with a funny meme that read: “Mats Hummels is already on his way to the next meeting, no one can stand it.”

After the indirect jokes, the footballer officially commented on the reactions to the dating news between Bethmann and himself on Tuesday morning. He posted a tweet confirming that he takes everything with humor. “A compliment to Twitter! I really had to laugh at the great tweets yesterday.” He added a laughing emoji.

When the drama broke, Cathy announced that she was also dating someone. As if to underscore her statement, she posted a story with a bouquet of flowers on Tuesday morning. However, she did not write who gave her the flowers.


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