Covid – Omicron: growth advantage, contagiousness, severity, why is WHO carefully monitoring new BA.4 and BA.5 variants?

Only 12 cases were listed in the international database. And yet the World Health Organization is already on alert.

The Crisis of covid it is over? If we can believe the repeal limitations All over the world it seems to be moving away. If we rely on the numbers of the epidemic, caution is advised.

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Especially since new variants emerge and cause genuine concern. After causing the 6th wave, BA.2subvariant ofomicronis the perfect example.

growth advantage

These are the ones now recombinant that seem to worry the scientific community. Either variants from the recombination from two options. Thus was born deltacronhybrids out delta and omicron. Or even the XE varianthybrids out BA.1 and BA.2Judge “10% more contagious” as BA.2.

However, two new variants have been discovered South Africa and at Botswana, where Omicron was born. Two variants that have inherited the designations BA.4 and BA.5. The first in particular is an omicron-omicron recombination (BA.1 and BA.3).

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Two variants now closely monitored by theWorld Health Organization (WHO). Because the first estimates show a growth advantage 63% for BA.4 to BA.2 and 84% for BA.5 to BA.2. New varieties that could be so much more contagious.

But also more pathogens with mutations that put the WHO on alert. The institution also claims to have started tracking these variants “for their additional mutations, which deserve further investigation to understand how far they can escape immune system.

A small dozen cases were reported in the international database GISAID. The United Kingdom Health Safety Agency (UKHSA) claims that BA.4 was discovered in Denmarkin Scotland and in England.

So far, BA.5 has only been registered in South Africa and Botswana.

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