Elden Ring: Complete the game in less than 7 minutes, it’s possible

Gaming News Elden Ring: Complete the game in less than 7 minutes, it’s possible

Elden Ring, the latest addition to the Souls saga, never stops talking about it. After a unanimous reception from press and players, endless sales records and the arrival of numerous mods, each crazier than the next, players are struggling to finish the game in record time. Also, a fan just completed a new feat today.

Record time beaten again

Since the release of Elden Ring on February 26th, the most talented players have been fighting to complete the game as quickly as possible. Just a few days ago, a certain Distortion2 let us know about his prowess by broadcasting an amazing speedrun. The content creator, who had already completed the game in less than 13 minutes, broke his own record by completing the title in just 8 minutes and 56 seconds. We thought this new score was unbeatable, and yet Distortion2 has once again proved us wrong.

In fact, the speedrunner had ambitions to break the seven-minute mark, and what we can say is that it succeeded. He just shared his new performance on his channel and it’s beyond impressive. This time, Distortion2 finished the game in 6 minutes and 59 seconds. In other words: goal achieved. To see its run, we recommend you watch the video available below.

The speedrunner technique revealed

To achieve this new performance, just like its previous record, Distortion2 has once again used the zipper mechanism. The latter, if you don’t know what it means, will allow you to pass huge chasms or better, teleport to specific locations on the map to save precious seconds. In order to achieve such a feat, the player must parry and move at the same time, and in a very limited timing. Aside from propelling the player from one location to another on the map, this movement technique leaves no time for environments to load, to say the least. Therefore, when his character lands in an area, the scenery is invisible. This allows our hero of the day to cover great distances in just a few hundredths of a second, but also to instantly get rid of certain difficult-to-defeat bosses by making them tumble into nothingness.

That’s not all, also note that the speedrunner doesn’t hesitate to fast travel or restart the game to gain a few more seconds. Restarting the game allows you to skip certain animations that take time to unfold on the screen. And contrary to what you might think, this technique is not a cheat, because in a speedrun only the playing time counts, loading times and other passages in the menus don’t count.

The question we can ask ourselves now is: “Are we entitled to a new one in the coming days?”.

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