Elena Miras: Boyfriend, Reality Shore, Instagram, Love Island

Elena Mira is a reality TV actress, originally from Switzerland. She is known for her participation in shows like “Island of Love” and “The Summer House of the Stars”. In addition to her television career, she runs her own Online shop and is on Instagram as influencer asset. Since April 2022, she is now a candidate for the RTL2 show “Battle of the Reality Stars”.

  • does she have one friend and children?
  • In which shows was it already visible?
  • What are your names instagramAccount?

We took a closer look at Elena Miras. All her info age up to his TV career you can find here.

Profile of Elena Mira: age, height, Instagram

All the facts about Elena Miras at a glance:

  • Surname: Elena Mira
  • Job: Reality TV actress, influencer
  • Date of Birth: April 25, 1992
  • Age: 29 years
  • Astrological sign: bull
  • Cut: 1.62m
  • Place of birth: Swiss
  • Residence: Zürich, Switzerland
  • Relationship Status: awarded to Leandro Teixeira
  • Children: a girl (Aylen)
  • Instagram: elena_miras

Elena Miras participates in “Battle of the Reality Stars” 2022

Elena Miras accompanies them 21 other celebrities in the third season of RTL2-Show “Battle of the Reality Stars” at a sala on a sandy beach in Thailand. There she has to prove herself in many action and skill games and challenges, because that’s the only way for her to have a chance to win the prize money of €50,000 and the Title “Reality Star 2022”. But no participant is safe on the star beach, because new stars are constantly being added, which in the weekly elimination, the “Moment of Truth”decide who should leave the sala.

For the Swiss, this is not the first participation in a reality tv formatbut she’s never followed the format on TV before and so would love to be surprised: “Don’t just go on the show with prejudice, I think that’s always more of a downside than a plus. “

Elena Miras: friend and child

Elena Miras was originally with the reality TV actor Jan Sokolowsky as a couple with whom she appeared on the RTL2 dating show in 2017 “Island of Love” Won. However, three days after the final, the couple announced their separation popular.

While participating in “Love Island”, Elena Miras met the TV artist Mike Heiter to know. The two stayed in touch after the show ended and a celebratory encounter later brought the sparks and the first kiss. A few weeks later, the couple officially revealed that a baby was on the way. the common daughter Aylen finally completed the couple’s family bliss in August 2018. But also this one love relationship failed, so the couple separated in the fall of 2020.

At the beginning of 2021, Elena Miras finally learned the Swiss Rapper Xellen7whose real name is Leandro Teixeira means to know and to love. The couple currently live together in Zurich.

Elena Miras on “Love Island” and “The Stars’ Summer House”

Elena Miras from Switzerland participated in the 2017 first season the RTL2 dating show “Island of Love” part. With his show partner Jan Sokolowsky she made it final and finally finished ahead of Stephanie Schmitz and Julian Evangelos Diebold first place. The winning couple separated just three days after the final.

Moreover, in 2019, Elena Miras took with her then boyfriend Mike Heiter to fourth season the RTL broadcast “The Stars’ Summer Home – Battle of the Celebrity Couples” part. In it she fought till the end final and eventually won over TV actors Steffi and Roland Bartsch. As a result, the couple received the cash prize of 50,000 euros and the title “Celebrity Couple 2019”.

Elena Miras on “Jungle Camp” and “Reality Shore”

In January 2020, Elena Miras took part in the 14th season from “I’m a celebrity, get me out of here!” on RTL. In her she had to quite seven trials of the jungle dispute, because it was always very high in the vote on who should take the next exam. In the end, the Swiss left the show on the 14th day while sixth place.

In 2021, Elena Miras appeared as special guest in the first season Swiss reality TV “Shore Reality” on. In “Reality Shore”, eight residents spend time together in a luxury villa in Crete. In various games and challenges, they must fight for a permanent place in the villa in order to belong to the real “Shore Family”. The program was first broadcast in Germany in March 2022.

Elena Miras on Instagram

Elena Miras has an audience and verified instagram-Account. The TV actress is currently following on the platform 565,000 fans (Status: 04/11/2022). With her subscribers, she mainly shares photos of herself private life and holidays. This includes snapshots with her partner and her daughter. She also announces hers Online store “Aylena”where you can buy swimsuits.

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