Foot OM – Europe: A terrible sanction against OM?

Last Thursday, the quarter-final first leg of the Europa League conference between OM and PAOK Saloniki was overshadowed by numerous incidents before and during the game. UEFA has launched an investigation into the incidents that could cost OM dearly.

The first leg between OM and PAOK was perhaps more memorable for the actions of some fans than the 22 players’ copy. The thousands of Greek supporters who made the journey created a seething and tense atmosphere. Clashes around the stadium, the throwing of projectiles and smoke bombs into the enclosure, the Vélodrome stadium and the city of Marseille were the scene of a deplorable spectacle. Images that did not please UEFA at all, often adamant about such facts. After the game, she announced the opening of disciplinary proceedings.

At OM we fear a closed session for the semifinals

The European body retained throwing objects, using smoke bombs, as well as damage and crowd movement, and will bring about a decision useful time ‘, as she indicated in a press release last Friday. A few days later, the decision is rapidly approaching and Marseille’s fear of having to pay the price for the rest of the competition is growing. In the event of a semifinal, thousands of supporters could be robbed of the game, Dodgers president Christian Cataldo said.

I think there’s going to be a pretty big financial penalty. I think at least the north curve will be suspended. In my opinion, there is no way around it. I hope it won’t be a behind closed doors game. It was very hot and there were incidents. It was against us but it was in our stadium so it can be blamed on OM. The club did what they could, it was 3000 wild things ‘ he described bitterly on BFM Marseille. Earlier this season, there were incidents at the Vélodrome during the OM-Galatasaray match in the group stage of the Europa League. If the Turks were more affected by complaints, it was Marseille’s north corner, who had been suspended by UEFA for their next game against Lazio.

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