For the Love of Hummel: The Moderation Bot is Back

One of the station’s biggest draws can once again be seen on RTLzwei. The new season of “Battle of the Reality Stars” begins Wednesday in prime time. The format produced by Banijay averaged around 8% market share in the first season. A year later, it was even around 9%. And those are just the unweighted values, usually the show still puts a shovel on it thanks to time-shifted use. Now it continues and there is no reason why success should not be there this year.

At this point, however, I would like to address one point about the format that has been bothering me since 2020: Cathy Hummels. At the time, with the first season, it was still the first big moderation job for the influencer. And unfortunately it hasn’t changed much so far. Your presentations are a slap in the face for any professional presenter. In “Battle of the Reality Stars”, Cathy Hummels acts as a sort of robot who recites memorized phrases and therefore cannot spontaneously respond to what celebrities have said. This shouldn’t infrequently result in overtime for the Banijay cutters. Here and there, however, even they cannot prevent abrupt cuts and transitions in presentations.

In fact, the RTLzwei format doesn’t need a moderator at all. The participating celebrities carry the “battle of the reality stars” well enough on their own. But for some inexplicable reason, RTLzwei decided two years ago to sign Cathy Hummels, a so-called big name. Since then, she leads the “hour of truth”, that is to say that part of the show where there is a kind of debate between the candidates and where finally a celebrity is expelled.

Victoria Swarovski shows how it can be done

It is not uncommon for young and inexperienced people to have to get used to their new job. Victoria Swarovski also didn’t do well in her first “Let’s Dance” season, but she worked on herself and is now a permanent and established member of the dance show’s team, which regularly leads the live shows.

That’s not the case with Cathy Hummels, as you can once again marvel in impressive fashion this Wednesday. With her standing sentences (“You are bored, you are flying”, “Make an effort to win!”), the host always triggers this uncomfortable feeling that she did not follow the program which has just been broadcast. . Instead, an editor likely wrote information about their maps before moderation. From there, Hummels then tinkers with a few mundane questions and solves them without even having a inkling of the situation.

Take away the moderation cards!

Overall, Hummels looks like a huge foreign body in the reality show, which RTLzwei and Banijay usually portray in a relaxed and fun way and are sometimes self-ironic. In the off as in the lower thirds (“Schäfer Heinrich: Hopeing for Inka Bause or Shaun the Sheep”), you rarely omit a bad pun and because you get it right, it’s a consistent thing. However, Cathy Hummels seems to think she is having a very serious event. She also regularly emphasizes this with her unnatural emphasis on certain words. In the “Moment of Truth”, the presenter seems more excited than the celebrities who are actually in the game.

Maybe removing the Cathy Hummels moderation cards she clings to so much would be a first step. Because to be honest: if you can’t have a conversation with Elena Miras, Ronald Schill, Sharon Trovato and Schäfer Heinrich without a cheat sheet, you’ve come to the wrong place anyway. More recently, Jörg Kachelmann had already applied for Hummels’ job (but with the wrong production company). But he summed up the big problem in one word: “Free speech is a skill that would benefit many formats.This also applies to the otherwise very entertaining “Battle of the Reality Stars”.

“Kampf der Realitystars” can now be viewed every Wednesday from 8:15 p.m. on RTLzwei.

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