Herne: 15-year-old children beaten into a coma – new details

A teenager was brutally beaten by children in Herne in March and nearly died. What could have been the motive.

  • A beating attack on the Herne-Holsterhausen cemetery caused horror at the end of March
  • A 15-year-old girl was beaten so badly that she was in danger of dying
  • The alleged perpetrators are only 12 and 13 years old
  • In the meantime, there are assumptions about the motive of the attackers

It’s the end of March Garden Street Cemetery in Herne-Holsterhausen came to a brutal attack on a 15-year-old woman from Herne. Three children aged 12 and 13 punched and kicked the victim so hard that his life was in danger for a short time.

Young people are now better, says a police spokesman interviewed by WAZ. The consequential damage the attack might have is not yet predictable. Because the authors because of their age still criminally responsible whether it is up to the youth office to decide on the further development of children. Out of confidentiality reasons no further information could be given, said Stephanie Jordan, manager of Herner’s youth welfare office.

RTL report on the case in Herne: Transgender hatred as motive?

According to a report by RTL, the victim was already struggling with bullying and hatred before the attack. Because it’s a transgender girl. This means that although she was born a boy, she now feels like a girl and dresses accordingly. “Even in kindergarten, the child develops a preference for pink clothes and braids, prefers long hair to short hair,” says RTL. The victim’s mother now suspects that transgender hatred could be behind the crime. And the 15-year-old told the TV station: “I would like to go from boy to girl. And people on the outside should understand that.” According to RTL, the condition of the young girl would have stabilized after several days in a coma, the authors would now be housed separately in a closed psychiatric ward.

According to the police investigation, young people in the neighborhood of the Gartenstraße cemetery had a fight on March 26. They then knocked the 15-year-old down and kicked and punched her before she ran away. A witness found the 15-year-old seriously injured and called for help.

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