Marc Lavoine: His wife Line Papin opens up about their couple problems

Since their love at first sight in 2018, everything seemed to be smiling for Line Papin and Marc Lavoine. Despite the 33 years that separate them, the loving couple married between two deliveries in 2020 and then had only one goal, namely to start a family. Line Papin then becomes pregnant not with a baby but with twins. Your path to happiness is mapped out. Until a doctor’s appointment blows everything up. A victim of a miscarriage, Line Papin loses the babies she is expecting. A drama that is not without consequences for the balance of the lovebirds.

A year later, Line Papin becomes pregnant again. But this baby, she is not ready to welcome him as the loss of the twins has caused problems in her relationship with Marc Lavoine. She breaks off. On the pages of evening magthe author ofA possible lifepublished by Stock Editions, went back to that very obscure bracket that’s behind it now: “It obviously wasn’t easy, but life had been making waves around usShe explains. I could no longer find my place, it was impossible for me to offer one to this child. We have made women so guilty, we have also punished them so much for this act, as if they did it on purpose out of spite. We break off mainly out of responsibility, rarely out of will. Making this choice means paying attention to life!

Despite these two traumatic episodes, Line Papin does not give up motherhood. A baby with Marc Lavoine is still being considered: “I still want to have children, but I think I had a “fairytale” approach to pregnancy up until then. I’m more realistic now. It turns a life upside down and you have to be ready for this upheaval, even if it still brings good luck.

With or without children, Marc Lavoine was the happiest man in Line Papin’s arms. He had also returned to their on-set meeting with great tenderness It doesn’t come out here : “I had the opportunity to interview him for his first novel a few years ago. I loved this novel! […] My publicist advised me to read her book, so I invited her. […] Some time later she sent me her second book, which I did not receive. Finally I said, ‘I’m going to buy your book and please accept my invitation to dinner.‘. Marc Lavoine just wanted her, in the end he had her… and now?

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