Metal Gear Solid 3: 18 years later, a glitch was discovered to pass a (long) cult sequence

Game news Metal Gear Solid 3: 18 years later, a glitch was discovered to pass a (long) cult sequence

Metal Gear Solid 3 is iconic in many ways, and to be honest, there’s more than one perfectly legitimate reason. Of particular note is the unique staging dreamed up by Hideo Kojima, which offers some legendary scenes… but maybe a little long for some.

MGS3, always in the news

Anyone who has made Metal Gear Solid 3 (and there are many of them) surely remembers the ladder sequence, which is iconic for the simple idea of ​​its rhythm and setting: then in a complex underground, Big Boss has to climb a seemingly endless ladder for more than two minutes without a break until the player has real misunderstandings. The sole accompaniment is an acapella version of the game’s main theme.

Eighteen years after the release of the title on PlayStation 2, a player named Apel has just published a bug that allows this scene to be skipped: By fiddling with his gear and controls, he then manages to ‘T-pose’ Snake to go through the walls…and land right on top of the building. Of course, this only saves two minutes, but it always seems surprising to see tricks discovered almost two decades later. This find is also widely shared on the Internet.

At least that’s the persistent rumor that’s been circulating for a good year now: Konami would prepare a remake of Metal Gear Solid 3. After all, not himself, but made an order from an external studio called Virtuos. This Asian company is particularly specialized in ports, having worked on Bioshock: The Collection, Horizon: Zero Dawn – Complete Edition, Battlefield 1 or even Switch of Dark Souls Remastered ports.

It wouldn’t be the only franchise Konami would like to revive. because it is rumored very seriously that two Silent Hill projects as well as another Castlevania are in the pipeline. All you have to do is wait patiently for formalization…or rejection.

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