Miscellaneous – Justice | The drone that crashed in Zagreb carried a bomb

From La Provence (with AFP)

A Soviet-constructed military drone that crashed in Zagreb in March carried an aerial bomb loaded with an unknown “explosive substance,” investigators said on Wednesday.

That plane, a Tupolev Tu-141 Strizh likely launched from Ukraine, flew over three NATO member countries, Romania, Hungary and much of Croatia before crashing in a park in Zagreb, just steps from a university residence where 4,500 students are accommodated. It was a remote-controlled aircraft, 14 meters long and weighing over six tons, manufactured in the 1970s and 1980s for reconnaissance missions.

The crash and subsequent explosion caused no casualties. But they damaged a hundred cars parked in a parking lot six kilometers from the center of Zagreb, also very close to a residential area.

The ballistics experts’ report showed that it was an aerial bomb“carried by the drone,” prosecutor Jurica Ilic told reporters.

However, the OFAB 100-120 bomb contained no military or commercial explosives, but a “explosive substance‘ said forensic expert Ivana Bacic. This substance completely decomposed during the blast, making it very difficult to identify, she said.

A malfunction of the automatic landing system is the cause of the crash of this drone.Well maintainedshe said. Experts declined to comment on where the vehicle started or if Zagreb was its final destination.

The Croatian government said in March it was launched from territory in Ukraine that had been occupied by Russian forces since late February. According to Croatian Prime Minister Andrej Plenkovic, the two parties had said it was not their machine, who then regretted the lack of coordination within NATO on the matter.incident“.

According to Zagreb, the plane flew in Hungarian airspace for about 40 minutes without Croatia being informed. Before the Zagreb crash, the drone flew in Croatian space for seven minutes, according to the same source.

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