Pensions, government, Russia… What to remember from the interview with Marine Le Pen on BFMTV

The National Rally candidate was BFMTV’s special guest this Wednesday night.

Marine Le Pen answered Bruce Toussaint’s questions from his campaign headquarters on Wednesday evening. From the forced evacuation of an environmental activist to her press conference, including her positions on Russia, a look back at the highlights of this interview.

• Activist dragged to the ground: She returns responsibility “to Mr. Darmanin’s police officers”.

First asked about the muscle exfiltration of an environmental activist at her press conference, Marine Le Pen explained that “it was Mr Darmanin’s police officers” who evacuated the young woman, who was dragged to the ground in front of cameras.

“I didn’t see anything at all, in this case I saw absolutely nothing,” she assured our antenna, pleased that the activist “had no more dangerous intent than to challenge me.”

According to our information, the person who dragged the activist from the room where Marine Le Pen was holding her press conference is not a police officer but a member of the National Assembly’s special command.

• She denounced Macron’s “brutal and aggressive” tone

Marine Le Pen evokes a “change of tone” by the presidential candidate between the first and second ballot. Behavior she describes as “brutal and aggressive towards (their) respect.”

“I’ve been campaigning for thirty weeks, he’s been three days,” she added, again on BFMTV, explaining that “what’s being played is primarily a matter of mobilization.” “It’s a battle of ideas, not a battle of people,” she continued.

• She doesn’t want a “government of technicians”

When asked about her choice of prime minister if she wins, the National Rally candidate declined to give a name, but insisted she was already working on “forming a government team”.

“My prime minister will be a politician, a team leader […] which will respect the consistency of the project I submitted,” she explained on BFMTV, explaining that she doesn’t want a “government of technicians”.

• “Retirement at 65 is inhumane for certain professions”

While Emmanuel Macron was repeatedly asked about his pension reform project, Marine Le Pen advocated a “progressive system” of pensions, with a maximum statutory retirement age of 62 and a reduction to 60 for people who would have started work before the retirement age 20. A project that she thinks is affordable and fairer for the French.

“Retirement at 65 for certain professions is inhumane,” she said, making her program a “society’s choice” for the French. “What Emmanuel Macron is trying to do is lower pensions, that’s all he wants. And I don’t want it,” the candidate assured.

• She rejects any conflict of interest between RN MPs and Russia

Emmanuel Macron last week denounced the “culpable absence” of RN MEPs who abstained from voting on a support plan for Ukraine ahead of the war with Russia. None of the 19 RN MPs also voted in favor of EU sanctions against Russia. When asked about the issue, Marine Le Pen affirmed that there was “under no circumstances” a conflict of interest between her party’s MPs and Russia.

“RN MPs defend France’s interests,” she said on BFMTV.

Marine Le Pen, who described the sanctions against Russia as “ineffective”, also stated that “until the end of the war” there was “absolutely no reason” for her to go to Moscow and meet Vladimir Putin in the event of victory.

• She wants to impose a fine on wearing the veil in public

Marine Le Pen explained on BFMTV that she wants to fine people wearing the veil in public places and also accused certain brands of selling “modesty collections”.

“It totally goes against our values ​​of respect for women. It’s a uniform imposed by the Islamists,” she said. “The aim is to put pressure on those who don’t wear them that not wearing them isolates them because they are singled out.”

However, the RN candidate does not intend to increase the penalty in the event of a repeat offense: “If you don’t buckle up, you will be fined. If you don’t wear it the next day, you have the same fine.” “.

• She says she is “very relaxed” about the debate.

However, she does not necessarily judge the “important moment” in this between-two rounds to be decisive. Five years after his failed debate against Emmanuel Macron, Marine Le Pen will again discuss with him for several hours next week.

“An election isn’t just about a debate, it’s about the whole campaign, about the project, about the personality,” she estimated, adding that she was “very calm” about this moment of the campaign ahead of the second round .

Finally, the National Assembly candidate assured that she would “continue to defend the French” in the event of another defeat by Emmanuel Macron.

Hugo Garnier BFMTV journalist

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