Presidential 2022: manipulated numbers? Campaign Control Commission notes Marine Le Pen’s creed denouncing “manoeuvre”.

Marine Le Pen’s creed raises questions from the Campaign Control Commission.

“+ 31% of intentional attacks since 2017”, “1.5 million additional immigrants who have entered France legally since 2017”. The Campaign Control Commission (CNCCEP) is rescinding the RN candidate’s second-round creed to these numbers, designed to demonstrate Emmanuel Macron’s failures on security and immigration, France Inter reports.

“Very random grouping of numbers”

When the RN defends that these data come from the Ministry of the Interior itself, Gérald Darmanin’s services, for their part, state that they are a “Collection of figures that could be described as very dangerous”.

“These are elements that we cannot confirm”specifies the CNCCEP with France inter. The Commission therefore asked the candidate and her team for clarifications.

However, the Commission explains that these steps are not unusual. “We regularly ask for clarifications of this kind. That was the case with several candidates before the first round.”

Very expensive destruction

Failure to recognize this creed would be a severe financial blow to Marine Le Pen’s campaign. Many copies have already been printed and destroying them would make reprinting a new version very expensive, confirms a National Rally executive.

Within the party, however, we are very confident. “Our sources are sure says someone close to the candidate We have already sent them to the Commission on several occasions. In addition, these figures already appeared on the Creed of the 1st round, he is arguing. The sole purpose of all this is to waste precious time.”

Marine Le Pen denounces a “manoeuvre”.

Asked about this, the candidate said on Wednesday during a trip to Gennevilliers (Hauts-de-Seine) that these figures come directly from statistics from the Interior Ministry.

“The numbers that appear in my creed come from figures from the Home Office. (…) I am ready for the Interior Ministry to question its own figures, but beware of such maneuvers, also make sure to respect democracy”, She replied to reporters.

“I really don’t see what could make the electoral judge (CNCCEP editor’s note) ban my creed, which would amount to addressing the French only the creed of the outgoing president,” She added.


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