Presidential election: Emmanuel Macron promises to increase pensions by 4% this summer and enrich his program until the second round

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Emmanuel Macron was a guest of TF1’s 8 p.m. newspaper this Wednesday evening. He explained his program, mentioned the second round and responded to Marine Le Pen’s recent comments.

On TV or in person, Emmanuel Macron and Marine Le Pen are promoting the second round of the presidential elections in order to win as many voters as possible on April 24th.

Guest of the 8 p.m TF1, Emmanuel Macron announced that he would increase his pensions by 4% in July if re-elected to the Elysée. The revaluation of pensions, which normally takes place in January, is accelerated due to the current price increases. In the event of re-election, he announced that negotiations would take place with the social partners and that Parliament would have to decide.

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An expanded program

Emmanuel Macron, running for the second round, said he would “enrich” his programme, which he saw as sometimes being caricatured. “There are things where we can go further, such as ecology (…) Ecological planning is something I can live on,” explained the head of state, who had not only named one candidate from the first round: the ecologist Yannick Jadot. “You have to try to listen, to convince, you have to listen to the anger, sometimes the worries, the misunderstandings.” These new measures will be presented in the coming days and will be “consistent” with his project.

Retire at age 65 in 2031

The presidential candidate has confirmed that he wants to raise the retirement age to 65 by 2031 while maintaining the pay-as-you-go pension system. The retirement age would be gradually shifted by four months every year from 2023 onwards. Emmanuel Macron explained: “If we are going to fund this social progress, we either have to agree to pay more contributions, which is not a good idea because it takes away purchasing power from all workers; either you cut pensions, which Madame Le Pen is tacitly suggesting; or you tell people the truth: you have to work a little harder, but do it intelligently and negotiate”.

The presidential candidate assured that in 2027/2028 “a review clause” would follow depending on the economic situation. “At this point we can perhaps take a breather,” assured Emmanuel Macron.

Currently, the legal retirement age in France is 62 years.

Faster deportations at the border

Asked about illegal immigration, Emmanuel Macron said we need to “better protect our borders” and reform the Schengen area. And to ensure: “Our enemy is slowness”. Deportations to the border of persons in an irregular situation must be faster. The presidential candidate pointed out that some of these reforms had already been launched under the French Presidency of the European Union.

Leasing to drive an electric car

When it comes to ecology and automobiles, Emmanuel Macron promises to develop a leasing system that households can use to buy electric cars for “less than 100 euros a month”. He explained: “I want that in 2027 we drive more and more with electric vehicles that we have helped, that we have developed a sector of electric vehicles produced in France and that we have hybrids because we have the opportunity to have hybrid vehicles in France produce France”.

Finally, Emmanuel Macron pledged to further reduce French taxes if re-elected in the Elysée. Of the 5 years he’s just spent, he said it’s “a quinquennium, partly in need of repair”.

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