Septennate, Purchasing Power, Ukraine… What to remember if Presidential candidate Emmanuel Macron missed out on the “4 Truths” on France 2

Emmanuel Macron was a guest on “4 Truths” on France 2 on Wednesday April 13th. The outgoing president notably returned to institutional issues, voicing support for the seven-year term and purchasing power. He also welcomed Nicolas Sarkozy’s support but reiterated that there was none “don’t agree with anyone” and by emphasizing support from other figures such as Lionel Jospin. Here’s what you can take away from his speech.

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The seven-year term “a good option”

“The seven-year term seems like a good option to me, but it doesn’t apply to the next term, we don’t change the rules mid-game.”Emmanuel Macron explained to France 2 this Wednesday. He had already estimated a term of seven years the day before “A good pace for the presidential election” and “Breathe of breath compared to the rhythm of the parliamentary elections”. The mandate of the President of the Republic was reduced from seven to five years after the 2002 presidential election.

Regarding the establishment of proportional representation for the general elections, the outgoing president recalled on France 2 that it was him “rather cheap” and this was “a good thing”.

The ability to “gather political forces”

“The fractures that exist in the country mean that I must strive not only to have a majority in the assembly, but also to build a capacity to bring together political forces that do not think quite as I do on all issues, but who would be willing to work with me on a number of reforms”Emmanuel Macron said on France 2 this Wednesday. He also calls for implementation “a cross-party commission with all the political sensitivities that can submit a proposal to the two assemblies to reform our constitution in order to renew it”.

The RN outside the “constitutional framework”

For Emmanuel Macron, Marine Le Pen’s wish “Change ours constitution without changing the rules” is a “Insanity”. “If we have a constitution, we respect the rules,” emphasizes the head of state. “Despite our best efforts, the true face of the extreme right is coming back, it is a face that does not respect the liberties, the constitutional framework, the independence of the press and the fundamental freedoms, rights acquired hard and dearly, at the heart of our values, such as the abolition of the Death penalty”estimated Emmanuel Macron on Wednesday.

Indexation of pensions to inflation “from July”

I would like to be able to index pensions to inflation from July.”said the outgoing president, who wants “Keep taxes lower” about his possible next five-year term. Emmanuel Macron, on the other hand, believes so “To lower the VAT from 5.5% to 0% on prices that already have a reduced VAT is to make people think they’re stupid because it doesn’t really lower the prices.”.

He adds that it will be necessary to consider the best method for “support needy households with a food check”, depending on resource conditions. Emmanuel Macron wants that “Reduce debt from 2026” and justified his pension reform with it “He wants social progress in our country”.

The faster expansion of renewable energies

“I believe in the ecology of building, I don’t believe in the ecology of decay”said Emmanuel Macron. “My project is the only one that quickly breaks the dependency on fossil fuels” assured the outgoing president, who wants “Use renewable energies much faster”. The candidate criticized “Marine Le Pen’s ecological ambitions, which “consists of dismantling the wind turbines“.

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