Steelrising: Greedfall Studio Spiders Postpones Insane Action RPG To September

Development studio Spiders has postponed its current RPG project Steelrising from the summer to September 8. The offbeat action-RPG, which tells a fictionalized version of the French Revolution, was originally slated for release in June, but the new date has now been announced on Twitter.

The official Spiders social media channel tweeted today: “Steelrising has a new release date: September 8th.” Additionally, the studio puts off those who can’t wait for release “We know some of you are looking forward to the game, but we want to make sure the game provides the best possible experience on release day.”

Along with the postponement of Steelrising, there were some gameplay ideas as a consolation. Some folks at Spiders, including lead screenwriter Jehanne Rousseau, present some impressions of what you can expect in the action-RPG – which is exactly that: quite a bit of action. As the new cutscenes prove, Steelrising emphasizes energetic combat more than, say, Spiders’ predecessor Greedfall.

Steelrising’s quirky and creative setting brings an alternate version of the late 18th century and the French Revolution to life in an interactive way. In Spider’s version, the magnificent kingdom in revolt on its last legs relies on the help of highly developed humanoid automatons – with combat abilities.

You play as one of these yourself in Steelrising, namely the female bodyguard of Marie Antoinette’s machine, Aegis. Exploration isn’t neglected in the game either, as the semi-historical fictional streets of Paris are eager to be traversed, equipped with many different abilities and grappling hooks.

Steelrising by Spiders and Nacon will likely be available September 8, 2022 on PC, Xbox Series X/S, and PS5.

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