The Electric E-Class can do it

A good year after the EQS, Mercedes launches its little brother, the EQE. The electric business sedan not only offers a lot of luxury, but also has a particular competitor.

A very long wheelbase, short overhangs, the arched roofline – this Mercedes seems like something special. What does the new EQE have to offer beneath its striking exterior?

With the new EQE (starting price: 70,630 euros), Mercedes is directly targeting Tesla’s Model S. In this important segment of activity, the Californian manufacturer has almost held the monopoly of electric cars.

Up to 654 kilometers of range

If the Stuttgart-based automaker managed to launch a second model of the same design – just a little smaller – so quickly just one year after the EQS, it’s thanks to the purpose-built platform. It’s called EVA, which stands for Electric Vehicle Platform. EVA is already under the EQS. Nothing therefore had to be developed for the EQE – it was enough to adapt the existing architecture to the slightly smaller size.

Rear view: The short tail is also not known from Mercedes. (Source: manufacturer)

There is a slightly smaller battery in the bottom of the EQE than in the EQS. Its capacity is only 90 kWh instead of 108, but still sufficient to allow the driver of the EQE 350+ a WLTP range of up to 654 kilometres.

The driver and passengers have plenty of space, as electric machines are significantly more compact than combustion engines and neither the transmission nor the exhaust system takes up space. Even adults sit very comfortably in the back. According to Mercedes, the interior is even larger than in the current E-Class.

The largest display area in the automotive world at an additional cost

At market launch, Mercedes initially offers the EQE as the 350+ with 215 kW (293 hp) and rear-wheel drive and as the AMG 43 4Matic (350 kW/476 hp) with all-wheel drive. Both are based on the S-Class cockpit with the large center screen angled forward.

If you look along the contours of the dashboard behind, you know immediately: they mirror the shape of the hyperscreen exactly. Mercedes offers this, the largest showroom in the automotive industry, for an additional fee. For the first time, the person sitting on the right can even watch movies or surf the Internet while driving.

But even without the screenscape, using the EQE is still a pleasure. Everything is presented cleanly and seems well thought out. This also applies to voice control, which is currently industry-leading. Even several consecutive commands are easily implemented.

Best in class ride comfort

Driving is done with a calm and smoothness that is not only typical of an electric car, but also typical of Mercedes. The EQE is pure relaxation, comfort is unmatched in this class. The car seems to hover on the asphalt more than it rolls. The 215 kW/293 hp of the electric motor and especially its torque of 565 Newton meters leave no doubt about insufficient sovereignty.

And so that the premium feeling is not forgotten even on long journeys, the developers have also professionally tackled the tedious topic of charging. The EQE can be charged at CCS fast charging stations with up to 170 KW. This corresponds to 250 “fresh” kilometers with a waiting time of 15 minutes, which, however, only works if the charging station is controlled via the navigation system and the battery cells can be optimally preconditioned.

If “Aral” or “Ionity” is still on the charging station, just connect the plug to the EQE; neither an app, nor a card, nor a QR code are required, authentication takes place automatically. A convenience that Tesla also offers its customers on its pillars.

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