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For 13 days, the Russian armed forces have been stepping up their Attacks in Eastern Ukraine. kremlin tyrant Vladimir Putin (69) withdrew more than 20,000 troops from northern Ukraine for this massive deployment and also transported 60,000 reinforcements from Russia.

on satellite images of April 11 can now be seen: There is another mega convoy of Russian troops! Supply vehicles and armored military transporters are lined up along the territorial road T-1313 near Bilokurakyne (about 120 kilometers from Kramatorsk) for a total of twelve kilometers.

The difference with the giant convoy (64 kilometres) of Russian soldiers held by Ukrainian troops in front of kyiv in March is clearly visible.

► Because: In this convoy near Bilokurakyne, you can also see tanks in formation. In March, it was mainly trucks and other supply vehicles that were on the road.

Territorial road T-1313 near the town of Bilokurakyne in eastern Ukraine: tanks and other vehicles belonging to the Russian army line up for twelve kilometersFoto: /AP

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Territorial road T-1313 near the town of Bilokurakyne in eastern Ukraine: tanks and other vehicles belonging to the Russian army line up for twelve kilometersPhoto: /AP

The objective of Russian troops is currently to surround up to 50,000 Ukrainian defenders of Donbass in a huge encirclement battle and force them to surrender. All up to May 9so that the war can be celebrated as “won” on Russia’s “Victory Day”.

Experts and politicians feared the worst. Even Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy was certain: Putin’s army will advance more brutally and numerically than ever before. German security authorities warn of an “Easter offensive” that could become more powerful every day.

► But: So far there have been no Russian war successes. Only one town and three villages have been captured by Russian troops since April 1.

The Russian convoy failed at the beginning of the war

Just a week after Putin’s attack on Ukraine began on February 24, a Russian mega-convoy near the town of Ivankiv outside the capital kyiv caused a stir, making the situation for the Ukrainian resistance hopeless.

But far from it! The convoy was stopped. Namely by a mini special unit of the Ukrainian army. the Unit of the “Aerorozvidka” consists of only 30 team members and drone pilots. Your mission: Ride mainly on quads, hunt Russian troops with drones.

They stopped the Russian convoy near Ivankiv as little David used to do with his sling against the blunt giant Goliath in the Old Testament: with superior technology.

Videos now show why Putin’s army of criminals is again making lackluster progress: Apparently they haven’t learned much from their mistakes in the failed kyiv offensive.

For days, Ukrainian drones have observed huge columns of tanks approaching the front from the east in the Kharkiv, Donetsk and Lugansk regions.

► As before around kyiv, tanks roll one after another through the narrow streets and avenues of eastern Ukraine. The fields around there have become muddy from the rain. But there, they expose themselves to the Ukrainians as if they were exposed!

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