“Vettel also has a lot to claim”

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Binotto: I didn’t expect such a good start

Two victories in three races, including a double. Ferrari team boss Mattia Binotto explains: “We knew [vor der Saison]that we have a competitive car. But we certainly didn’t expect such a good start to the season.”

At the same time, however, he also points out that the difference between the Scuderia and the opponents is only “very small”. “Past races have shown that,” said Binotto, who expects “a great fight in the next races”.

Realistically, Red Bull seems to be able to compete with Ferrari to the fullest at the moment.


Dangerous situation at the end of the race

That could have been telling: footage has surfaced on the internet showing fans were already in pit lane when Albon came to a stop on the penultimate lap in Melbourne!

During the race, the pit lane is of course strictly closed to spectators. The “problem” was probably that race winner Leclerc crossed the finish line just seconds after Albon.

Apparently someone had forgotten that the Williams driver hadn’t stopped yet. The pit lane was then opened a bit too early for the fans. Luckily nothing happened!

The scene can be seen, for example, on F1 TV in Albon’s Onboard. The FIA ​​will certainly look into this and learn from it.


Speaking of Jordan…

The Silverstone team was founded by Eddie Jordan and made its Formula 1 debut in 1991. Later it went by the names Midland, Spyker, Force India, Racing Point and since 2021 Aston Martin.

Now, for the first time since 2009, they haven’t scored points in the first three races of a season. In fact, the start of the season was even a little better in terms of placements.

This makes it the worst start to the season for the Silverstone side since 2008 – although the financial situation is probably better than ever. Difficult times for Vettel and Co.


25 years ago today…

… Ralf Schumacher takes his first podium in Formula 1! In just his third race, he finished the 1997 Argentine Grand Prix in the Jordan P3 behind eventual world champion Jacques Villeneuve (Williams) and Eddie Irvine (Ferrari).

The podium was bittersweet for the Jordanian team, however, as Schumacher already collided with teammate Giancarlo Fisichella. The result could therefore have been even better for the racing team…

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Alfa Romeo: Bottas helps with his experience

Team boss Frederic Vasseur reveals about the new signing at Hinwil: “He comes from Mercedes with incredible experience. And that helps us a lot.” The Finn had competed for the Silver Arrows five years previously.

“He owns [dort] does a very good job in terms of performance. He’s always been overshadowed by Lewis, but I think anyone would be,” Vasseur said. That’s no longer the case with Alfa Romeo.

Bottas has a “different role” there and is “the leader of the team”, says Vasseur, who explains: “I was convinced he could do it, and he’s doing a great job.” Bottas drives the whole team forward.

In the World Championship, Alfa Romeo is in P6 after the first three races. The last time the Sauber team found themselves this far behind at the end of a season was ten years ago.

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Second victory: Can Leclerc be stopped now?

We ask this question in our latest video! Christian Klien and Philipp Eng analyze “the state of the nation” in Formula 1 2022. Will Leclerc finally live up to the reputation of “child prodigy” that has preceded him for years?

And can Red Bull fix the reliability issues? At the start of the season, the World Championship is more exciting than ever. But Ferrari’s dominance was overwhelming, at least in Melbourne.

This video was posted with the kind permission of ServusTV.

Second victory: Can Leclerc be stopped now?

Leclerc and Ferrari continue to win, Verstappen and Red Bull stumble: Christian Klien and Philipp Eng analyze the “state of the nation” in F1. More Formula 1 videos


Williams: First point a “relief”

Williams got his first point of the year through Alexander Albon in Melbourne – and therefore earlier in the season than since 2017, when Felipe Massa scored early in the season in Australia.

In 2018 the first point was only scored at the fourth race of the season, in 2019 and 2021 only at the eleventh and in 2020 there was even a year in between without a world championship point.

“Of course it’s a relief for the team,” reveals team boss Jost Capito and explains: “It’s very encouraging to get a point so early in the season. We had a difficult start .”

In the world championship, they also overtook Aston Martin by winning a point and are now in P9.


On the other hand …

… moreover, the World Cup train for Verstappen is far from leaving! Because in the history of Formula 1, it happened several times that a driver became world champion after two retirements during the first three races.

Recent example: Mika Häkkinen. The Finn won in Brazil in 1999 but withdrew from the season opener in Australia and the third race of the season at Imola. In the end, he still won the title with a two-point lead over Eddie Irvine – deservedly in a Ferrari…

Michael Schumacher ~Michael Schumacher~

10:13 a.m.

Good start no title guarantee

Once I checked our database and realized that two wins in the first three races of the season is by no means a guarantee of the world title.

The most recent examples are Sebastian Vettel (2017 and 2018) and Lewis Hamilton (2021). Both drivers also won two of the first three races.

However, they did not become world champions at the end of the year. And this time the season is even longer with 23 races!

Sebastian Vettel Lewis Hamilton Valtteri Bottas Ferrari Scuderia Ferrari F1Mercedes Mercedes AMG Petronas Motorsport F1 ~Sebastian Vettel (Ferrari), Lewis Hamilton (Mercedes) and Valtteri Bottas (Mercedes)~


Leclerc: “We mustn’t put pressure on ourselves”

We stay with Ferrari, but come to the other driver. Leclerc reveals about a possible title win this year: “I don’t want to think about it too much because it’s still very early in the season.”

“Obviously, it’s good to lead the championship, he admits. But: “It is extremely important that we [in Imola] don’t put extra pressure on it and don’t overdo it. […] We just have to keep doing our job.”

This approach ultimately worked well for the first three race weekends.


In good company

Due to his retirement on Sunday, Sainz missed the points for the first time in 17 races. It’s a streak of pride, because in the history of the Scuderia there are only three different drivers who have done it more times in a row.

The record is still held by Michael Schumacher, who scored 24 consecutive points between Hungary 2001 and Malaysia 2003. The series only ended in failure at the time.


That’s why it lit up under the Mercedes

If you looked very closely, you might notice a strange glow under Lewis Hamilton’s car in Australia. It wasn’t there to make the W13 look better. No, it was a sensor designed to help Mercedes get the porpoising problem under control.

Our technical experts explain all the contexts here!


Speaking of Russell…

The Brit receives particular praise in Martin Brundle’s Melbourne column for ‘Sky’. “George Russell was lucky with the safety car, but you have to be competitive before and after to take advantage of it,” he wrote.

“And he certainly did,” praised Brundle and added: “He doesn’t seem to have any problems keeping up with Lewis in qualifying or in the race. And that’s impressive.” Russell hasn’t made any mistakes so far this season.

The reward: In the World Championship, Russell is second behind Leclerc after the first three races.


They understand each other

Over the past week, Russell and Hamilton have been training together in the gym ahead of the Melbourne race. The two were also surfing together, as this photo reveals.

The new teammates seem to get along very well! And there are already other plans. With a wink, Hamilton writes, “Next: Parachutize George Russell.”

We are pleased!


Norris: 80% of the result is down to the track

While things are not looking good for Aston Martin, McLaren celebrated by far the best result of the season in Melbourne with P5 and P6. But Norris wouldn’t bet on Imola doing so well again.

The Briton recalls that McLaren haven’t had any major updates at Albert Park. “It’s not that the setup suddenly makes us much faster,” he explains.

The good result is therefore above all due to the fact that the course went well with the MCL36. “80 [Prozent] is just the track and 20 is hard work,” Norris said.

Let’s see what it looks like in Imola next week.


Ferrari also at Imola without major updates

The Scuderia have avoided major updates this season so far – and that strategy has worked very well. After all, the Italians currently top both World Cup standings. And nothing will change in the home game at Imola either.

Team boss Mattia Binotto says it is “difficult” to provide updates at Imola as the first sprint weekend of the year approaches. This means: There is one practice less, after FT1 on Friday we go directly to qualifying.

“There won’t be much left in Imola. We don’t think it’s the right place [für Updates] is,” says Binotto. Instead, they want to work on fixing current issues like porpoising.

A “significant” update will not come until “later in the season”.

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