VfL Wolfsburg: Suddenly so calm – what’s really going on with Max Kruse? – Bundesliga

It became quiet around Max Kruse (34).

The striker delivers athletically, bumping his head in the win over Bielefeld (4-0). In public, however, Wolfsburg’s entertainment officer has been traded for weeks.

No moody conversation with his fans on Twitch with chocolate buns, hot chocolate and crunchy sayings. No game parties. No clean Instagram shows.

Even his wife Dilara is reluctant to make statements about her husband. In his Insta videos, Max comes across as a supporting actor, if at all. Fans have long wondered about the cult kicker’s online takedown.

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What’s new with Kruse?

Strange as it may sound: Germany’s football social media king simply hasn’t had time in recent weeks. I’m sorry, what?

When Dilara appeared online, a fan again wanted to know why Max hadn’t been on his own Twitch streaming channel for a long time.

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“Lately I’ve been to Wolfsburg very often and rarely to Berlin in my player room,” replies Max, who ate fried potatoes with fried eggs for dinner next to Dilara.

For explanation: Kruse lives in the heart of Berlin in a luxury apartment with a view of the Spree and his own games room. Gambling or streaming is only possible in his gambling den. He doesn’t like Twitch streaming via cell phone. Kruse is a home player through and through.

Another reason for his withdrawal from the Internet is presumably the sports situation. Wolfsburg are still fighting for relegation. Before the Bielefeld game (4-0), there were three bankruptcies and an acute fear of relegation.

Eight points clear of the relegation zone, that should have almost evaporated five games before the end of the season.

This is exactly what should give hope to all Kruse fans. At the latest when he’s sure to stay in the league, Max will certainly live up to his status as the king of social media more often.

After the season at the latest, he will again spend more time in his Berlin playroom.

By the way: According to information from BILD, a trip to Las Vegas is also planned for the summer. There Max will participate in a poker tournament – another passion. In addition to his qualities as a footballer, Kruse is an exceptional poker player.

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