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Young streamer Crossmauz celebrates with exuberance. However, his party escalates loudly with club music, light effects, and a flamethrower.

Attention: people prone to epilepsy better not watch and earphone users should lower the sound a little. Because this steamer has it all. Some performers are in high spirits, but German Twitch streamer Crossmauz takes the atmosphere to a different level. This teenager hosts his own brand of party streams while his bedroom turns into a mini club with loud music.

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According to his Twitch resume, Crossmauz is only 15 years old, but he entertains hundreds of viewers on Twitch with every stream. Not only does he let it rip with hardcore techno, he also lets the lights dance diligently and sometimes even turns on a flame projector in the middle of the room, literally heating up the atmosphere with a controlled flamethrower. If there are no traces of smoke on the ceiling.

The young German is also very well known thanks to high-profile figures pointing fingers at him and making his streams go viral. American esports journalist Jake Lucky shared a clip of Crossmauz on Twitter on Tuesday, which garnered over 100,000 likes and 10 million views in one day. The day before, the user “pj” showed exactly this snippet of stream, which received even more attention.

“I just got killed in MW2 by this kid with Twitch in his name and that’s what I see,” pj captioned the clip on Twitter, which also caught the attention of the gaming community, especially from Call of Duty, on the streamer. However, it has not been confirmed if Crossmauz actually played Modern Warfare 2, especially since he would be underage for the USK-18 game. Nevertheless, some players later used his clips as memes to indicate a celebration of victory, as is possible with Fortnite emotes, for example.

Due to his emotional and wild flows, the young German has already secured a place in the hearts of the players. The channel “BBG” has already indicated that some neighbors may influence the volume of their party streams. Only those with thick skin could possibly accept this noise.

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