YouTube debate channel “ThinkerView” suspended after hack

ThinkerView’s account was compromised by hackers who posted a cryptocurrency scam there. The Google subsidiary tried to limit the damage.

After Youtubeur Michou’s channel, it’s the turn of the debate group “ThinkerViewdisappear from YouTube. The page, which has nearly a million subscribers, was banned by the video host earlier this week.

The maneuver is not ideological, the content of the creators does not contradict the general terms of use of the platform. The problem lies elsewhere. This channel, like Michou’s, was hacked.

Hackers managed to take over the ThinkerView channel to share cryptocurrency scam videos.

ThinkerView’s YouTube page prior to its suspension Screenshot @Korben

More specifically, the ThinkerView page has been renamed to “Tesla LIVEand broadcast an alleged live lecture by Elon Musk. As a side note, the Tesla brand is giving away 5,000 bitcoins (about $200 million) to those who have connected to a website. “First come first serve!This maneuver allowed the hackers to steal money from their victims.

Cryptocurrency scam video broadcast on Thinkerview channel screenshot

This content has been identified as fraudulent by the YouTube algorithm. The ThinkerView site has therefore been blocked to prevent inexperienced users from falling into the trap.

Come back online

A YouTube spokesman explains Figaro that must”Sometimeto undo a deletion, as this always requires human intervention to verify that a hack actually took place. ThinkerView’s string should be “back online quickly“. Fraudulent content will be removed and the rest will be restored.

Michou’s channel, which was hacked on Saturday, came back online on Monday evening.

The American platform insists on the need to properly protect access to your account to avoid bans and reinstatements that can take time.

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