Zelda: Will the Breath of The Wild sequel run on the current Nintendo Switch? Analysts doubt that

Game news Zelda: Will the Breath of The Wild sequel run on the current Nintendo Switch? Analysts doubt that

On March 29, Nintendo, which hadn’t announced any news about the Breath of the Wild sequel since June 2021, formalized the game’s postponement to Spring 2023. A postponement that did not surprise many, given that until now the title has only had a vague 2022 as its release date.

A shift, but new images that feed theories

It is Eiji Aonumathe executive producer of The Legend of Zelda license, the himself announced the postponement of the game in social networks and the usual distribution channels. While apologizing to the players waiting for the title this year, he explained that the teams made the decision increase development time to provide a relevant and meaningful experience. The video was shown to illustrate the announcement Images of the game, some of which are unreleased. The opportunity for fans and observers to dissect each plan to deduce new things to add to the study of the first two trailers.

Of these new images, one particularly stands out the artifact that equips Link’s right arm. Golden light emanates from the artifact’s gauntlet, which then rises around a damaged or oddly tattooed arm. An artifact no doubt reminiscent of that seen in the very first trailer of the game, accompanied by a master sword that also appears to be affected. It looks gnawed, which of course doesn’t stop it from being extremely useful.

The latest images make technical analysts doubt

Zelda: Will the Breath of The Wild sequel run on the current Nintendo Switch?  Analysts doubt that

Also, a lot of people were under the impression that it was still like that when the second trailer was released last summer optically very ambitious for the switch. The line of sight aims to integrate the appearance of the clouds and the idea of ​​an entire heavenly world over the initial play area. The Switch already had several versions, to be “in the middle of life”. According to Nintendo and many rumors that provoke the possible arrival of an improved and more powerful version, we are entitled to ask ourselves the question: Will this Breath of the Wild sequel really run on the Nintendo Switch family that’s currently on sale?

Given the installed base, there is no question that the final version will run on current consoles, but the rendering was presented also made the journalists from Digital Foundry doubt, who analyzed the current images. For John Linneman, that would be it surprising that the game runs as presented on the current Switchs. Talking about volumetric effects and anti-aliasing he said:

This trailer was interesting because the picture quality looked pretty good in my opinion. I was a little surprised at how sharp and clear this was compared to the original in general. It could be the next Switch, or it could just be a trailer with a higher rendering, higher resolution, and higher settings.

Zelda: Will the Breath of The Wild sequel run on the current Nintendo Switch?  Analysts doubt that

So for the journalist from DigitalFoundrywhich is attached to Eurogamer and is known for the quality of its technical analysis, we have two options available to us: Either Nintendo is preparing an improved Switch with Zelda as their figurehead, Either the trailer doesn’t reflect the visual quality of the game There have been many misleading visual rendering trailers throughout history, however Nintendo is clearly not one of the bad studentseven if it means cooling fan enthusiasm by revealing videos that showcase the console’s technical limitations.

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