A new stock of PS5 is available this Thursday, hurry up!

The PS5 is back in stock this Thursday. To hope to get your hands on it, you’ll have to act quickly because, as usual, the parts available will probably leave in just a few minutes. Here are all the details to benefit from it.

The PS5 is the object of many desires, especially since it is extremely difficult to equip yourself with it. More than a year after its release, Sony’s game console is still rare on the market. When PS5 stocks appear, they usually only stay online for a few minutes. It is therefore difficult to buy the PlayStation 5.

However, it sometimes happens that we can take advantage of flash sales that make it a little easier to have. Like this Thursday morning – take advantage of a limited-time special offer from SFR. Even if the two versions of the console, namely digital and standard, are available from 10 am this Thursday morning, you have to be reactive if you want to hope to buy them. And also get in touch with the operator by subscribing to a fiber optic offer.

Because yes, that is the only condition that must be met in order to acquire the coveted object. However, you are guaranteed to receive it very quickly tomorrow, without necessarily having to turn to the gray market, where the PS5 is often resold at rather eccentric prices, easily reaching more than 1000 euros. Finally, this PS5 + Internet Box deal is undoubtedly your best chance and the most advantageous solution.

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The details of the PS5 + Fiber SFR deal

In detail, there are actually two formulas in this PS5+ Fiber SFR Flash Sale. The first concerns the digital PS5, displayed at the bargain price of 49 euros. The second concerns the standard PS5, the one with the Blu-Ray player, which is available for 149 euros. In both cases you have to add 8 euros per month – on top of the price of the fiber optic subscription. However, you also have an additional DualSense controller on sale (2 in total). Let’s recap:

  • Digital PS5 + two controllers at €49 + €8 / month for 24 months (ie €241)
  • Standard PS5 + two controllers for €149 + €8/month for 24 months (i.e. €341)

Keep in mind that Sony’s next-gen console usually sells for €399.99 in its 100% digital discless version and €499.99 in its standard version. So, ignoring the price of the SFR fiber optic box, buying it through this offer will cost you less. The main advantage of this combination is the certainty of benefiting from an internet subscription with extremely fast transfer speeds – ideal for playing on PS5. And by the way, being able to buy the PS5 in several monthly installments at a preferential price.

Coming to the Internet Box offer, it is the Box Power Fiber subscription offered with the PlayStation 5. Specifically, the fiber costs 34 euros per month in the first year and 53 euros in the following year. In terms of performance, you benefit from super-fast internet speeds. Up to 1 Gb/s download and up to 500 Mb/s upload to share your files quickly. To give you an idea, you can use it to download an 80GB PS5 game to your PS5 in less than 15 minutes. Thanks to fiber optics, you can also make the most of your online games, since the latter offer very low ping.

I’m buying a PS5

Also, let’s not forget that the SFR fiber box doesn’t just stop at the internet part, as it’s actually a triple play offering. We therefore find in addition a TV package that gives access to more than 200 channels – but also landline telephony including unlimited calls, both to landline and mobile. If you’re considering changing your internet offering or launching your first fiber optic line and you’re looking for the PlayStation 5, then this PS5 + Internet Box Flash Sale is the place for you. Even if the final price of the console with the 24-month commitment will be higher than if you bought it in cash, you will still benefit from all the previously listed benefits at SFR Fiber.

PS5 still hard to find

The PS5 has sold out since its release in November 2020. A few flash sales sometimes allow you to get your hands on it. Amazon, for example, has reserved them for dealing with scalpers only for its Prime members for several months. Other brands, if they stock the console, offer PS5 + TV bundles. The starting price easily exceeds 1500 euros. So for people who just want the console, it’s three more than its price. In this offer Box Fiber + PS5 offered by the mobile operator, the investment is made over a period of 24 months and allows you to have the console very quickly.

If engagement is not a problem for you, then take the chance! As with the last sales organized by the FAI, the parts in stock, especially the standard version of the PS5, left in just a few minutes. However, the digital version, the less desirable of the two, seems to be the best proposition with the SFR Fiber Box. In fact, not only is it 100 euros cheaper, but it also allows you to get the most out of online game downloads. In relation to the standard version of the PS5, which comes with the Blu-Ray player, it has the advantage of offering physical games that can be traded or resold.

Whichever package you choose, both are perfect for next-gen console gaming and entertainment in general, delivering an online experience that promises to live up to the console’s power. . All conditions can now be found on the internet service provider’s website. Finally, note that if you are coming from another telecom provider, SFR supports termination fees of up to 100 euros. So rather not bad.

To discover the PS5 Flash Sale at SFR, go here:

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