A winter storm of “rare” intensity hits central Canada

Heavy snowfall has led to road and school closures. Meteorological services called this storm “historic.”

A winter storm from aRarelyApril’s intensity hit central Canada this week, with heavy snowfall leading to numerous road and school closures. “An event where there is 30 cm or more of snow after April 11 is quite rareNatalie Hasell, meteorologist at Environment Canada, pointed out to AFP.

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After that date, only two storms of this intensity have been recorded since 1902. Such forecasts for the province of Manitoba (Central) have been made since “storm of the centuryin 1997. Meteorological services had warned that they expect this winter storm “historicalDeep southeastern Saskatchewan (west) and much of southern Manitoba is forecast to have 12 to 20 inches of snowfall by the end of this storm.

Up to 80 cm of snow

Specialists also expected that some areas would receive up to 80 cm of snow. But finally “it seems that these regions have not received as much rainfall‘ said Natalie Hasell, ‘the amounts have since been softened somewhat“. However, it is “most likelyThis expert adds that the forecasts of 30 to 50 cm will be achieved. On Thursday, 5 to 10 cm of additional snow was expected in the Winnipeg region, capital of Manitoba.

Many schools and roads in the province remained closed. Power outages were marginal at the Manitoba Hydro site. Airline Air Canada told AFP it plans to resume operations on Thursday with 14 scheduled flights to and from Winnipeg after canceling 21 on Wednesday.

The warnings were lifted for Saskatchewan, a province that has to be disturbed by gusts of up to 50 km/h. Others, however, were issued for northern Ontario, with the storm now moving east of the country. The meteorological event is scheduled to wind down from Friday and end at the end of the day or in the evening.

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