After criticism over Cathy Hummel’s fight with reality TV star moderation: RTLZWEI now reacts

“Battle of the Reality Stars” kicked off its third season on Wednesday, April 13. Cathy Hummels has also been there from the start, guiding trashy celebs through “The Moment of Truth” as a moderator. But since the first episode, she has received a lot of public scolding and is described as an emotionless “robot”. How does broadcaster RTLZWEI react to criticism from viewers?

Cathy Hummels’ criticism of moderation: “Slow, unnatural and soporific”

Negative ‘Battle of the Reality Stars’ Fan Comments Are Piling Up on Instagram and Twitter, which are primarily aimed at Cathy Hummels. “I’m sorry, but Cathy Hummels is not cut out for this format. She speaks so slowly, unnaturally and overpoweringly. Great in another area, but not in such an explosive format,” one viewer wrote of animator.

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Cathy Hummels also snubs “DWDL” in a devastating review. Although the trash format is self-deprecating and well done, the Munich native acts “like a foreign body”, sums up Germany’s largest and most successful television industry service. She is not spontaneous and recites her text in sentences learned by heart. A harsh judgment for the otherwise successful influencer.

Here’s how RTLZWEI rates “Battle of the Reality Stars” moderation by Cathy Hummels

However, Cathy Hummels has a strong lawyer, who protects her despite the derogatory remarks: her employer RTLZWEI. The broadcaster is defending the Munich woman against criticism from viewers and the industry service “DWDL”. “Each moderator has an individual moderating style. Cathy Hummels has hosted the hit ‘Battle of the Reality Stars’ format since the first of three seasons and feels the reality stars in ‘the hour of truth’ on the tooth,” explained a spokesperson. at AZ.

For RTLZWEI, Cathy Hummels has been part of the station’s family since it launched into the trash format, as it is proudly pointed out. “We are not only delighted with the successful launch of ‘KDRS’ last Wednesday evening, but also to have Cathy back with us as the show’s host and part of the RTLZWEI family.”

Will Cathy Hummels Continue to Present for ‘Battle of the Reality Stars’?

If it were up to many viewers of the trashy show, Cathy Hummels would probably not have a future as an animator, because many comments call for a replacement. Does RTLZWEI plan to work with her beyond the third season? The station’s spokeswoman is reluctant to AZ: “As usual, we will announce all information on future broadcasts of our formats in due course.” However, continuing the influencer’s employment after the employer’s praise is entirely possible.

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