Amateur football: FC Bergedorf – 2 players banned for life after shock scenes

Now the district league scandal of Hamburg amateur club FC Begedorf has consequences!

The Hamburg Football Association (HFV) sports ground confirmed on Thursday that it had banned two amateur players from the Hanseatic city for life. This was reported by the North German Broadcasting Corporation.

In addition, sanctions were imposed on six other perpetrators. And others may follow. “FC Bergedorf have yet to name a player and a spectator who were also involved,” said HFV chief executive Carsten Byernetzki, who expressly praised the referee’s level-headed behavior in the situation.

Two amateur footballers banned for life

Both players belonged to the now deregistered second team of FC Bergedorf. At the end of March, in a class B district match against TuS Hamburg II, she caused a violent scandal with several injuries.

What happened?

After a foul in the 32nd minute, discussions and insults between the players reportedly broke out. When the referee then showed the red card to a player from Bergedorf, “the already heated atmosphere then reached levels that we could not imagine”, he said afterwards on the FC website. Bergedorf.

There had been pack formations, jostling, hunting scenes and fights. A report from Hamburger Abendblatt said: “In two cases Bergedorf players kicked and kicked TuS Hamburg players who were already lying on the ground. Others could hardly be prevented from becoming violent as well.”

There were reportedly several injuries, two players from TuS Hamburg II had to be taken to hospital. The game has been cancelled.

The sports court issued a total of eight suspensions. In addition to the two players banned for life, one player has been out for three years and another for nine months.

A player from TuS Hamburg was also banned.

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