Atlético – Manchester City (0:0): Between insults, spitting and fighting, Wanda had a chaotic end to the game

Fights, insults, spit… Atlético Madrid and Manchester City parted ways in chaos at the end of a match that was marked by enormous tension and finally exploded in the final minutes. And not really good friends. In the aisles of the Wanda Metropolitano, which looked more like an arena than a stadium that Wednesday night, a fight between rag pickers continued. Even the police had to step in to restore order… to no avail.

We are all footballers and we know what happens on the pitch should stay there.However, he put Rodri into perspective on the Movistar microphone. It was a very tense game with a score on the wire. I don’t really know what happened. A little fight ensued… I tried to move away. They’re my old teammates and that’s never comfortable. But it’s just anecdotal, and we managed to separate them.

“We kept calm”

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Also asked about this issue, Aymeric Laporte denounced the attitude “absurd” the Colchoneros. Besides defending his troops. “Don’t think that everything was generated by our team‘ warned the French City defender. John Stones followed suit: “We knew it wasn’t an easy place, it was a hostile environment, it was a rough night around us and the way we defended and controlled each other was amazing‘ the defender told BT Sport before continuing.

We know they try to do things like this sometimes and we’ve handled it wellhe continued. We kept cool heads, it’s easy to get drawn into things like that (…) I don’t want to go into that because in both games we played incredibly against a team that has experience in what they do.”

I can’t wait to see what people think after this game

This chaotic end of the game was in fact due to the attitude of some City players who, according to Atlético, wasted too much time by staying on the ground at the end of the game. “It happened todayaccused Koke. We are often the ones who receive the criticism. But today we are proud of what the team has achieved (…) They threw themselves on the ground just to waste time. Can’t wait to see what people think after this game…” “We should see who lost the most time between us and themLaporte answered indirectly. They’ve done it in the past and the other teams haven’t complained. The referee is there to stop time-wasting actions.”

Referring to Felipe’s red card at the end of the game, Diego Simeone made the referee’s explanations: “He told me he ran on foden“explained the Colchoneros technician, who was filmed applauding many times in the last few minutes. Of all things?”No, it wasn’t for City players to waste timehe corrected the microphone of the Movistar. I applauded the supporters because I appreciated the team’s efforts. How can I not applaud such people?I’m very disappointed because we were eliminated and I always want to win no matter what. Because victories are celebrated and that is the most important thing in football. As with everything in life, I have priorities. My number one priority is to win. And then it’s proud of what my team produces. I’m proud of this Atlético team because they fight. We have our way of playing, good or bad, but we fight.”

Relaunched on the controversy, the “Cholo” didn’t want to add anything. “There can be no question of wasting time. There is always a referee who administers the rules. Congratulations to the opponent who played a great game and played the football we are used to‘ he admitted. All’s well that ends well?

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