Axel (married at first sight) recounts his tense wedding night to Caroline

Yesterday at 12:22 – by Sorelle Spet

While fans of the show Married at first sight are impatient to discover the rest of the adventures of Axel and Caroline, the young man in whom he confided the first night he spent with his wife.

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After I said “Yes‘, with some reluctance for the young woman, Axel and Caroline, the two newlyweds Married at first sight continued the celebrations. Whoever says wedding says wedding night! While the entire web and viewers panicked at the behavior of the very independent and lonely young mother, the two contestants didn’t stray from tradition. It was during an interview with tele leisure that Axel, the reserved young man, thought briefly about his first night as a married couple.

My beliefs are there

The young couple seems unaffected by the magic of marriage. After a wedding and a celebratory dinner marked by embarrassment, Axel and Caroline had to decide whether or not to spend their wedding night together. After admitting that he was not concerned, the young man confided tele leisure : “I couldn’t imagine sleeping with a person I’ve known less than twenty-four hours.” He later hastened to add: “My beliefs are there. Neither side wanted to sleep together. We only wanted to sleep because we were exhausted!“We allow ourselves once again to express doubts about the famous compatibility noted by the experts Estelle Dossin and Pascal de Sutter.

Axel and Caroline: far from love at first sight

Fans of the program will have to wait until next Monday to discover the rest of Caroline and Axel’s adventures. For those who can’t wait, streaming platform Salto has already made the fourth episode available. But honestly, we don’t have to look at it to be 80% sure there isn’t too much current flowing between Caroline and Axel (for now?).

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