Catherine Deneuve, minor and unmarried during her first pregnancy: “It was a tragedy in my family”

She is a cinema legend, a matriarch of the seventh art. Catherine Deneuve, whose documentary Deneuve, Queen Catherine retraces her career this Thursday April 14 on France 3, is also the mother of several children, one of whom she had very early, very young … even if it means that she has a few people must bring back to back to his relatives. In 1961, on the set of the film, the actress met director Roger Vadim, who was 16 years her senior The Parisians. Mad with love, she quickly felt the need to flesh out that relationship by shifting it up a gear.

From a very young age I wanted to have a child and I had an intuition that it was going to be difficultshe said in the magazine’s columns in 2021 She. I was very much in love with the father of my son ChristianCatherine Deneuve gave birth to her first child in 1963 when she was 20 years old. The problem is that despite the fact that she had been in a relationship with Roger Vadim for three years, the actress did not want to formalize things before that Mayor.It wasn’t appropriate at the time to be expecting a baby without being married, and besides, I was still a minorshe remembers. But I wanted a baby! It was complicated, passionate, violent, a drama in my family.

An inexplicable marriage

The only man she wanted to marry in her life was the photographer David Bailey. Catherine Deneuve came to England in 1965 with Mick Jagger and his sister Françoise Dorléac as witnesses to see the artist. But the divorce was filed two years later and the actress no longer seems to understand why she agreed, saying: “Yes“.”I can’t explain what came over me when I married photographer David Baileyshe explained illustrated evening, 10 years later. True, it didn’t take me long to file for divorce. But this marriage, why? It wasn’t a ‘gag’ as I heard it: I agreed to it and therefore thought it through carefully. Maybe it was just an impulse, an impulse or something else I don’t know…

Catherine Deneuve then welcomed her daughter Chiara when she was in love with Marcello Mastroianni. The birth of his eldest son did not put a brake on his career as many had feared. With Christian in her arms, she learned the many songs in the film The Cherboug umbrellas by Jacques Demy. However, it is still one of her most popular roles in 2022, undoubtedly the one that got her where she is today…

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