Common ideas and projects: Nazan Eckes stays at RTL

common ideas and projects
Nazan Eckes stays at RTL

The rumor mill has been in turmoil for a few days. Nazan Eckes, it was said, was leaving RTL after 23 years. But there is nothing to the rumors, even if the host wants to have a fresh start.

We are in 1999 when Nazan Eckes, then very young, began his career within the RTL family. Initially, she worked as a weather presenter and as a reporter for the regional program “Guten Abend RTL”. But other stations soon followed, such as “RTL II News” and “La vie! – L’Envy de Vivre”.

She then hosts the first three seasons of “Let’s Dance” as well as the live shows of “Deutschland sucht den Superstar”. For many years she was also in front of the camera for “Explosiv – Das Magazin” before taking over as main moderator for “Extra – das RTL-Magazin” by Birgit Schrowange in 2019.

In total, there are 23 years of RTL history behind the now 45-year-old Eckes. And it should end suddenly overnight? At least that is what has been speculated in various media in recent days.

But there is no truth in the rumors. “There are very specific plans for a big theme party with her and for a series of interviews that we are currently working on with Nazan,” RTL has already denied that Eckes is turning his back on the broadcaster.

Eckes releases “Extra”.

Now the moderator herself has commented on the rumors. “All the signs point to a change for me at the moment. This is why I have decided to end the previous exclusive collaboration with RTL and hand over my show ‘Extra’. However, there are ideas for joint projects with RTL beyond the end of 2022 on a completely new base to implement the base”, clarifies Eckes and adds: “I am really looking forward to it, but at the same time I remain open to completely new challenges and I would also like to make very personal wishes and dreams come true. Dare to start again.

In other words: in the future, there should be more than fewer broadcasters looking for additional areas of activity. It is certainly a step forward for her after recently having to deal with a heavy blow of fate. Recently, she takes care of her father, who suffered from Alzheimer’s disease. To do this, she took a break from her job in 2021. Her father died nearly four weeks ago.

In his private life, however, Eckes should still have a lot to do. After all, she is a mother to two sons born in 2014 and 2016 respectively.

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