Current Rewards & Discounts – Arms Dealer Perks & More

This week, “GTA Online” players will mainly benefit from it when setting up their business. You can read more about these bonuses and all the others in this post.

On the official website Rockstar Games informs about current rewards and discounts in “GTA Online”. As usual, players can claim different bonuses week after week.

Several bonuses for Arms Dealers, CEOs and MC Presidents

Weapons dealers in particular will benefit in the coming days: the speed of your research in the bunker has been doubled, allowing owners to unlock new modifications more quickly. Additionally, cargo hold supplies are available for half the actual price.

Even presidents of a motorcycle club can currently save money. If you fill up, you’ll save 50%.

Anyone who prefers to earn their money as a CEO should currently focus on special vehicle orders. Double GTA$ & RP are awarded for each mission completed. However, you won’t be able to accept these special orders until you’ve been in the normal vehicle trade for a while.

If you need another warehouse for special goods and vehicles, you must strike now. You get a 30% discount on your purchase.

Both extractions all players can earn triple cash and RP by next week. A team of bodyguards is responsible for locating a target and bringing it to a specific point on the map. Another team wants to prevent this and eliminate the target person. If you win three extractions, you get an additional bonus of GTA$150,000.

Players will receive a black t-shirt this week just for logging in. It features the Hawk & Little logo, America’s largest firearms manufacturer.

New Time Trials are available exclusively for current-gen players Hao Special Works to elimination. The same goes for the Principe Deveste Eight, the premium test vehicle of the week. Test the super sports car for a few laps and set your personal record.

The award-winning vehicle at the LS Car Meets this week is the Grotti Turismo Classic. To win the retro sports car you need to win seven street races. Those who want to do a few laps on the test track can choose between these three vehicles: Declasse Granger 3600LX, Enus Deity and Dinka RT3000.

A new prize vehicle is also available at Diamond Casino. Spin the wheel of fortune for a chance to win the Obey Tailgater S. It’s a four-door sports sedan.

Vehicle discounts at a glance

Of course, the discounts on certain vehicles should not be missing:

  • Coil Rocket Voltic (30% off)
  • Gunman Declasse Tampa (40% off)
  • HVY Nightshark (40% off)
  • Karin Sultan RS Classic (40% off)
  • Pegassi Torero (50% discount)
  • Karin Technical Aqua (40% off)
  • Emperor ETR1 (40% off)

As always, Prime users will receive additional bonuses. Nowadays, if they log into the game, they will receive GTA$100,000.

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