Cyberattack causes big problems for Bremen wind technology company


Living platform for the service crews of the DanTysk and Sandbank offshore wind farm, built 70 kilometers off Sylt. The living platform can accommodate around 50 people.

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The company, which has approximately 2,000 employees, specializes in the maintenance and operation of wind turbines. The attack causes major problems for the company.

Deutsche Windtechnik AG, based in Überseestadt in Bremen, has been the victim of a cyberattack. As confirmed by the company buten un binnen, an external cyberattack on the company’s IT systems was detected on the night of April 12. As a result, all computers were shut down for security reasons and connections to all external systems were cut. The company is currently not available via email.

With approximately 2,000 employees, Deutsche Windtechnik specializes in the maintenance and operation of onshore and offshore wind turbines. According to the company, it is currently involved in dozens of wind farms around the world. “Based on the current state of our knowledge, we assume that the wind turbines are unaffected by the attack,” the company said in writing.

Turbulent scenes after the attack

However, employees reported turbulent scenes that had taken place in the company since the cyberattack became known. Supervisors roamed the offices shouting that all computers should remain off. Almost all computer-assisted processes have stopped. As a result, not only the head office in Bremen, but all Deutsche Windtechnik offices worldwide are affected. Communication with wind turbines is much more difficult.

The company itself states that the computer systems are currently checked by computer experts. Only when this check is complete will the company’s computers be restarted.

Experts suspect a link to the war in Ukraine

This is not the first attack since the start of the Russian war of aggression in Ukraine. The wind turbine manufacturer Enercon in Aurich has suffered the consequences of an attack. And Nordex from Hamburg was also attacked. In both cases, experts assume a connection with the war in Ukraine.

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