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Eintracht Frankfurt fans have always loved to travel, but the game at FC Barcelona broke all records. The city is like a fan mile from Frankfurt, at Camp Nou the atmosphere should make the feeling possible.

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Competitive play at Camp Nou | Hessenschau Sport from 13 April 2022


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Although Barcelona is almost 250 kilometers from Mallorca, the city is currently very reminiscent of the “Ballermann”, especially acoustically. Eintracht Frankfurt fans, thousands of whom besieged the best-known squares and streets on Wednesday and happily drank to quench their thirst despite the rain, added a Mickie Krause song to their repertoire and performed it every opportunity. Content: The anticipation of visiting a brothel in Barcelona. Ole Ole.

The Hessian supporters, who have already proven their wanderlust on several occasions in recent years, are currently outdoing themselves, and not only musically. After 12,000 fans in Bordeaux in 2013 and at least 15,000 fans in Milan in 2019 , he will be in Barcelona set a new away record. Eintracht could have sold 35,000 tickets for the guest curve at the Camp Nou, at least 20,000 Eintracht fans will have really made their way and will support their team there.

Crazy roads to Barcelona

A migration of people from Frankfurt, which was also reflected in the cityscape of Barcelona by Wednesday at the latest. On the famous promenade “La Rambla” there were already many Eintracht fans in the morning, the adjacent market hall served first as protection from the rain and then as the epicenter of the mood. “Eintracht Frankfurt International” here, “the best team in Europe” there. The songs are well known, catchy and seemingly not boring even after the eighth rehearsal. When do Eintracht fans come to Barcelona for a competitive game?!

The fact that the journey for many Frankfurt fans, who had made their way to Barcelona by sometimes crazy roads with stopovers in Dublin, Amsterdam or even Tunis after the flight prices soared, was so exhausting that time-consuming was forgotten after the second cana at the latest. Una más, por favor!

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Eintracht PK before the game at FC Barcelona

Olivier Glasner

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“There is only one subject left in the city”

“The hardship the fans are enduring is insane,” goalkeeper Kevin Trapp commented at Wednesday’s press conference of the turmoil and travel efforts. “There’s only one topic in the whole city: this game. We notice a lot of what the fans are doing.” And the Frankfurt goalkeeper is not the only one in this case.

Because Eintracht supporters have acquired a reputation thanks to their appearances in the Europa League which has even spread to Barcelona. “I’ve already heard that many Eintracht fans will come,” Barca centre-back Eric Garcia said after FC Barcelona’s latest training session. “They surprised me in the first leg, but it will be different here at our stadium with our fans.” If he is not mistaken.

The march of the supporters is not yet prohibited

In terms of numbers, FC Barcelona supporters will clearly be in the majority. However, loud support at Camp Nou is rather the exception and is usually only common in really big Champions League games or in duels with Real Madrid. The Catalan public is spoiled and aspires to the premier category and titles. What is a duel with Eintracht Frankfurt in the Europa League?

The scale of the atmospheric wave rolling towards the Camp Nou will be visible and above all audible to everyone present in Barcelona no later than Thursday afternoon. The planned march of supporters from the city center to the stadium has not (so far) been banned by the Spanish authorities. Frankfurt’s caravan will travel approximately five kilometers through the streets and are expected to arrive at the Camp Nou no later than when the stadium gates open. “This fan support really helps us,” said goalkeeper Trapp, eager to see what comes next.

Often fused in symbiosis

One thing is clear: if the match goes normally, Eintracht will fail due to the overwhelming FC Barcelona and miss the entry into the semi-finals. But one thing is also clear: the team and the fans have often shown in the past that they can merge into a symbiosis and suddenly make anything possible. For example a home game in Barcelona.

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Eintracht heroes at Camp Nou?

Eintracht Frankfurt fans cheering.  In the background, the stands of the Barcelona stadium.  Also the two logos of Eintracht Frankfurt and FC Barcelona.  (Gluing)

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