Game Subscription Specials: Digital Easter Gifts for Gaming Fans

From special offers to game subscriptions
Digital Easter Gifts for Video Game Fans

There are good gifts for players for just a few euros.

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Looking for a little Easter gift for video game fans? Here are some suggestions on what to offer console and PC gamers.

The choice is huge. But it’s actually not that hard to find a good cheap Easter gift for video game fans. Here are some tips for anyone who wants to make gamers happy. Even if you only want to invest a few euros to give a little something to a friend, you will quickly find what you are looking for.

Video game package subscription

With a subscription, players have access to a wide range of titles. There are models that could be compared to streaming services like Netflix or Disney+, for example – including Xbox Game Pass, Google Play Pass and Apple Arcade. For a monthly fee, users can play as many of the featured games as they want during the term of the subscription.

Despite its name suggesting it, Xbox Game Pass isn’t exclusive to Microsoft’s consoles. PC players can also use the subscription. Depending on the model chosen, the whole thing costs between around 10 euros and just under 13 euros per month. It currently includes titles such as the racing game “Forza Horizon 5” or the action-adventure “Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy”.

For those who like to play on their smartphone or tablet, Apple Arcade and the Google Play Pass offer hundreds of titles to choose from. Both offers are for Apple and Android users. After a one-month free trial subscription, Apple Arcade costs just under 5 euros per month. The game subscription is also available with other services from the tech giant, such as Apple TV+, in the Apple One package – for around 15 to 29 euros per month. The Google Play Pass is also around 5 euros per month, or a good 30 euros per year.

A popular alternative for PC gamers is also Humble Bundle. In the store, gamers will not only find individual games on offer, there are also always new packages with changing themes at a reduced price on the website. Humble Bundle currently offers the “Game Night” bundle, which contains multiple versions of board games. There is also a subscription called “Choice”. For ten euros per month, players receive a surprise selection of titles every four weeks, which they keep indefinitely even if their subscription is paused or canceled. In April, among other things, “Monster Sanctuary” is included, in which players catch monsters similar to “Pokémon”.

Just let the gift recipients choose for themselves

Prepaid cards are also available in many supermarkets. A code is printed on the cards, which the recipient redeems and thus increases their store credit by the respective amount. Users can then purchase games digitally from Steam, PlayStation Store, Microsoft Store, or Nintendo eShop. Consumers can also purchase credit codes online. Here, however, you need to make sure that you only access well-known providers, such as Amazon.

Players can even use the credit to buy multiple games if they take advantage of the many offers that are always available, for example. The end-of-time adventure “Horizon Zero Dawn” in “Complete Edition” for just under 25 euros is currently available on Steam until April 17. Small beads cost even less. The “Vampire Survivors”, very popular in recent months, is available for just under 2.40 euros. Until April 15, players pay only 2.15 euros.

Meanwhile, “Spring Deals” are running on the PlayStation Store. Here too, the choice is vast. PS5 owners may be able to grab the “NBA 2K22” basketball game – until April 14 for just under 25 euros. And Nintendo’s eShop also offers almost continuous special offers. The rogue-lite action role-playing game “Moonlighter” costs around five euros until April 26.


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