Garou explains why he decided to sever ties with Celine Dion in En Aparté (VIDEO).

guest on By the way This Wednesday, April 13, Garou opened up about his relationship with Celine Dion and revealed why he chose to sever ties with the Quebec singer.

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who has never heard Against the wind on the radio or in the evening? In 2001, the famous track was performed by Became and Celine Dion goes in the bin. Twenty years later, the song has become an all-time favorite among karaoke fans. Certified diamond disc in France, the tube has received several awards. But behind this commercial success lies a beautiful friendship between two Quebecers. After meeting backstage at a performance of Notre Dame de Paris, the diva offers the young singer to take care of his career. But this artistic collaboration was broken off. guest on By the way This Wednesday, April 13th, Garou reveals why he preferred it “cut ties” with Celine Dion.

“There was a limit”

Rarely in the media has the famous singer with the hoarse voice agreed to confide in the subject of Celine Dion. Watching the music video footage from Against the windhe begins with an analogy to describe his relationship with René Angélil’s wife: “Celine was an airplane. She wanted to get me very, very high and then, at one point, it almost is Me who cut the cord to get me high“, he explains. Garou has no desire to follow the example of his partner, namely to become an international star: “I didn’t want to be the singer that’s all over the world. There was a line where I didn’t want to go any higher.” A choice he makes out of fear of boredom: “When we fly above the clouds, sometimes it looks the same‘ he analyses.

“She didn’t understand when I broke the connection”

Contrasting desires that could well be a source of tension within the duo: “We were very close to Celine. And then, I don’t think she understood when I cut ties with them (She and René Angélil, editor’s note),” he explains. And Garou could certainly blame himself for ruining their beautiful friendship: “I feel like I’ve betrayed something“, he regrets. Despite everything, it is a great friendship with which the 49-year-old artist evokes his relationship with the diva with the golden voice: “When we find each other it’s magical because in our eyes a lot of things happen because there’s a real connection, a unique complicity.“, he admits. An accomplice like Celine Dion may not blame his protégé: “I know she understands I’m still a wild animal‘ he introduces himself.

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