Hard reality! He’s behind the poison attack

April 14: Maximilian is ready for anything

Putting yourself in mortal danger just to get rid of an unwanted business partner? It sounds totally absurd, but that’s exactly what he has Maximilian of Altenburg (Francisco Medina) apparently did – didn’t he? ! In the April 21 episode, already available on RTL+, everything indicates that Jupiter (Matthias Bruggenolte) poisoned with ricin. The reason: He was the only person who could have Maximilian administer the poison. Also wife Natalie (Amrei Haardt) directly Jupiter in suspicion, just like mom simone (Tatiana Clasing). But what no one knows: Maximilian was not poisoned at all! He bribed someone at the hospital to falsify his blood results to target suspicion Jupiter judge. Will he get away with this plot?

April 13: Is Justus really behind the attack on Maximilian?

Excitement for “All That Matters” fans: Maximilian (Franciso Medina) breaks down after a business meeting Jupiter (Matthias Brüggenolte) together in Villa Steinkamp. A shock for mom simone (Tatjana Clasing), who summarily calls the ambulance. At the clinic, his condition stabilizes, but lab results reveal that that he was poisoned with a large dose of ricin. But who is behind the attack? At least it can Maximilian only take the poison with you during the business meeting Jupiter and the business partner that the latter had something to do with it seems unlikely. So it’s really Jupiter rear, approximately Maximilian to get rid of? Or maybe that could be it Maximilian got poisoned simulate an attack and Jupiter end it once and for all? We’ll find out all about it in the new episodes of “Everything That Matters”!

April 12: Is Maximilien dying a serial death?

for Maximilian (Francisco Medina) it’s obviously getting very big now: the son of has been arguing for weeks Simone (Tatjana Clasing) with Jupiter (Matthias Bruggenolte). Maximilian it is always a thorn in the side that the entrepreneur is part of the management of “Steinkamp – Sport & Wellness”, the two men have been engaged for a long time violent little war. Is this little war finding a dramatic end? During a joint business meeting with Jupiter breaks Maximilian namely according to a preview of the program together in one of the next episodes! The concern for his life is enormous when it comes out a little later that he was poisoned. The suspicion is quickly lifted Jupiterbut would he really go so far as Maximilian to get rid of? After all, he would be risking his own life doing so, which, given the fact that he will soon be a father, but seems unlikely. It remains exciting!

April 11: New love for Jenny?

Has the love drama of Jenny (Kaja Schmidt-Tychsen) and Jupiter (Matthias Brüggenolte) now a sad end? For weeks, “All That Matters” fans have been hoping for a happy ending for the two, as it’s been clear for what seems like forever that the two have fallen in love with each other. But sadness (Lisandra Bardél) Pregnancy led to Jenny and Jupiter away again. Come now malu finally behind the fact that there was more between her friend and her ex-husband than a pure business relationship and that the game of hide and seek could finally come to an end. But after Justus Jenny admit that he malu didn’t tell the whole truth, just mentioned them was a unique thingturns Jenny hurts another man, Annabelle’s classmate’s father. Apparently, the two get closer after a date — and even end up in bed together. Does this also mean that Jenny yourself now newly in love and it doesn’t have a happy ending either Jupiter there will be more, it remains to be seen…

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