Jürgen Klopp in a chatty mood after reaching semi-finals with Liverpool: ‘So please slap me!’

Jürgen Klopp would certainly have liked things to have been a bit calmer on Wednesday night than going home with a 3-3 win over Benfica. But even so, it was perfectly fine for the coach.

“If the day comes when my team makes it to the semi-finals and I’m not happy like a little kid, please come and slap me. Because that would be total madness,” he said. German coach in an interview with DAZN journalist Laura Wontorra. Ergo: “I’m super happy to progress, I really couldn’t be happier.”

Ibrahima Konaté (21′) and Roberto Firmino (55′, 65′) scored the hosts’ goals at Anfield. Gonçalo Ramos (32′), Roman Yaremchuk (73′) and Darwin Núñez (82′) scored for Lisbon.

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“Dirty Kick Time!” Klopp upset with fixture schedule


“I know we were leading 3-1, in the end it’s 3-3, they also score two or three offside goals – of course that’s anything but cool,” Klopp said: “But all the negative things that happened are my fault, my responsibility for changing seven times.

Klopp thinks Villarreal’s win over Bayern is deserved

From his point of view, he had to rebuild the starting XI for regeneration reasons: “But if you mount a completely new defense, it almost automatically happens that it can feel a bit rusty at different times.”

Considering the first leg result of 1:3, Benfica had nothing left to lose anyway and therefore played wildly with the intermediate result of 1:3. This is how the 3:3 was born. “They always celebrate the result and you can see they were there to have fun. They got it – we’re still through it and that’s cool,” Klopp summed up.

The Reds coach finds it justified that the semi-finals are now against FC Villarreal and not against FC Bayern Munich.

“I think Villarreal deserved to progress in both rounds, Klopp said. Whoever eliminates Bayern and Juventus deserves to be in the semi-finals.”

Klopp praises ‘king’ Emery cut

He does not yet know how he will approach the duel in two weeks. To do this, he must first analyze Villarreal. “I know Unai Emery is kind of the king of cup competitions – it’s amazing what he achieves,” praised Klopp for the Spaniards’ coach.

Emery has won the Europa League four times in his career. He also won six domestic cups with Paris Saint-Germain between 2016 and 2018. Additionally, he was once a French champion (2017/18).

Klopp: “They will have a clear plan. And by the time we meet, we will have one too.” I said so and went at the end of the day.

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