Jürgen Klopp upset with Premier League schedule at Liverpool: ‘Kick-off time is dirty!’

Liverpool FC will dance in three more weddings in April 2022 – Jürgen Klopp’s side have already won the League Cup.

In the FA Cup, the semi-finals at Wembley are played on Saturday against Manchester City (4:30 p.m. live). In the league, the Reds are only one point behind after the last 2-2 victory against Pep Guardiola. side with seven games to go Citizens in second place. And in the Champions League, Liverpool will now meet on 26/27. April or 3./4. May in the round of 16 against Bayern conquering FC Villarreal.

If the Reds reach the FA Cup and Champions League final, Klopp’s side must play twelve more games by May 28 – a feat.

Champions League

Klopp in a chatty mood after a frenzied match: “So please slap me!”


Of course, that’s not a problem for Klopp in principle. “It’s the best end to the season you can have because we only play so often, because we go so far in the different competitions,” he said on Wednesday night after the 3-3 win over Benfica. in the Champions League at “DAZN”. . .
Klopp in a chatty mood after a frenzied match: “So please slap me!”

Klopp upset with Newcastle appointment

From his perspective, however, the Liverpool manager repeatedly encounters insane kick-off times – like now on April 30 in the away game at Newcastle United, which the Premier League broadcast with the broadcast station “BT Sports” at 12:30 p.m. local time (1:30 p.m. CEST).

A lunchtime game between the Champions League semi-finals, a pace killer. “I just spoke to ‘BT’ and they again pointed out it was a bad kick-off time,” Klopp scolded angrily and hoped for a transfer.

He again clarified: “We want to play all the upcoming games – no problem at all. But there’s no need for them to let us play at 12:30 on Saturday and then see how it goes – for no reason. It will be that I will never understand.

Klopp on Man City’s second tie: ‘It will be interesting’

Regardless, Klopp is counting heavily on the second meeting with Manchester City in six days on Saturday at Wembley. When it was 2-2 in the league you noticed ‘City are relatively good’, said the 54-year-old. At Liverpool, however, there is still room for improvement.

“It’s going to be interesting. City did very well and some of our individual performances weren’t what we can play. Maybe we manage to play at the peak of our ability and then we’ll see what comes out.” , said the Reds coach.

One thing is clear: it will be exhausting. Klopp: “The pitch at Wembley is huge, you have to defend a lot of grass. We’ll see. But I’m really interested.”

It would be bad otherwise.

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Champions League

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