kyiv actively canceled at the German Embassy

Steinmeier visit: kyiv has actively canceled the German Embassy

Berlin.Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky’s office actively canceled the German Federal President’s planned visit to the German Embassy. This emerges from an informal message to the German representation in kyiv, which is available to the Editorial Network Germany (RND).

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Learn more after the announcement

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In it, the Ukrainian side of the ambassador said on Tuesday afternoon that a German visit would be considered more substantial and acceptable if it took place independently of the visit of the heads of state of Poland and the Baltic republics on Wednesday. .

Kyiv cites security concerns

The Kyiv contact also cited security concerns and logistical overload as justification. He also apologized for the late notification, which was only received shortly before Steinmeier and his four colleagues planned to leave. However, it is hoped that Germany has been informed of the latest agreements via Poland’s representatives as coordinators, the message continues.

Learn more after the announcement

Learn more after the announcement

Selenskyj rejects Steinmeier’s visit to Kyiv

Observers suspect that Zelenskyy’s disapproval of Steinmeier’s close ties to Russia during his tenure as the Federal Republic’s foreign minister is behind it all.

After cross-party German criticism of Steinmeier’s disinvitation on Wednesday evening, Selenskyj indirectly denied having canceled the visit: “As president and our office, I have not received any official request from the federal president and the office of the federal president concerning visit to Ukraine,” he said at a press conference in kyiv, according to the Ukrainian agency Unian.

Zelenskyj received the Polish, Latvian, Lithuanian and Estonian presidents on Wednesday in kyiv. The heads of government of the four EU and NATO countries traveled to Kyiv, the Ukrainian capital, by train. The visit was organized on the initiative of Poland. Steinmeier actually wanted to go to kyiv with the four presidents. However, before starting the journey together from Warsaw to kyiv, he explained that he had learned that his presence there was not wanted.

“Not wanted in Kyiv”

Steinmeier personally commented on the canceled trip in front of the cameras late Tuesday afternoon: “My colleague and friend, Polish President Andrzej Duda, has suggested in recent days that we both go to kyiv with the presidents of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. undertake to send and send a strong signal of common European solidarity with Ukraine. I was ready to do it, but obviously – and I have to admit – it was not wanted in Kyiv,” the Federal President said in a statement in the garden of the German Embassy in Warsaw.

Learn more after the announcement

Learn more after the announcement

Steinmeier not wanted in Kyiv: FDP Deputy Chairman Kubicki shows understanding

A planned trip by Federal President Frank-Walter Steinmeier to kyiv has failed because he is clearly not welcome there. That’s what Kubicki says.

Until now, it was not clear whether the Federal President had received the cancellation of his visit to Kyiv exclusively from the Polish presidential chancellery and therefore said that a meeting with him was “apparently” not desired. Asked by RND, the federal president’s office said Thursday that it would no longer comment on Steinmeier’s statement from Tuesday evening.

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