Michel Drucker in critical condition, a new blow!

After near death and returning from a long convalescence, a new obstacle stands between Michel Drucker and his projects. According to Ton Mag columns, the worst is the host.

However, readers of People Act Magazine know that Michel Drucker has not recovered from a bad flu. He had undergone several open-heart surgeries. He had to fight a virulent bacterium and even nearly had his leg amputated. But quadruple bypass or not, he can’t get used to the thought of moving on with life without his passion.

But this is where things get complicated again for Michel Drucker. According to Ton Mag, audiences are less and less mobilized to visit his new show From you to me. A second program following the one entitled Alone With You. How will the most famous animator cope with this new breed? We explain everything to you!

Michel Drucker returns to his audience

When the most famous animator says that he can’t live without passion, it’s to explain that he can’t give up either his job on television or the stage. In fact, he’s literally addicted to publicity.

As a workaholic, Michel Drucker no doubt feels that rest is like death. While knowing he may have to stay on the table, he’s already contemplating his return to television and theater. However, the television star did not suffer in vain.

Michel Drucker Jean-Pierre Pernaut

The bacteria, apparently not too serious, infected the heart and caused sepsis with a germ that had infected the mitral valve, but also the spleen and kidney. Unfortunately, this bacterium also infected the artery in the right leg, which could have been amputated.

We managed to unlock it, but the valve was still infected. The surgeon then told me: We can’t wait any longer, Michel Drucker has explained part of his ordeal in the columns of Le Parisien.

Later, in better shape, he accepted an interview for Sept à Huit on TF1. Audrey Crespo-Mara discusses this obsession with working with Michel Drucker. Why does he want to end his days on stage working instead of enjoying his free time and well-deserved rest? Why can’t he bring himself to retire?

Michel Drucker honestly answers all the journalist’s questions. And he admits, People Act Magazine concedes his point of view may seem unrealistic. Objectively, I was convinced that I was resilient, he explained on TF1. Then he adds: I don’t want to compare myself to Molière, but when Dalida sang “Die on the Stage” I understood her very, very well.


They call him stainless, they call him the Taulier! At almost 80 years old, Michel Drucker has no intention of hanging up his gloves. However, a year ago he was near death: bacteria in his blood, sepsis, open-heart surgery and triple bypass surgery. He’s “The Portrait of the Week” at 7:30 p.m. on @tf1, writes Audrey Crespo-Mara on her Instagram account on Jan. 23.

Lack of public interest?

But despite that determination, even that stubbornness, Michel Drucker could have trouble achieving his goals. Indeed, if he is to die on stage, the spaces must be filled. How else will he be able to play his show? However, People Act Magazine told you above that according to our colleagues from Ton Mag magazine, the public is missing.

Michael Drucker

Abandoned, neglected, betrayed by his audience, our budding actor only plays in half-empty rooms, according to the magazine’s columns. However, as our Public Magazine colleagues point out, some of the cities mentioned actually just postponed Michel Ducker’s show.

Maybe Michel Drucker can do more advertising with a little more time? If he wants to fill the rooms, the audience needs to know that he plays all over France. At 79 and despite the recent difficulties he has faced, the hosts are not giving up.

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