More Elvish: Senta-Sofia Delliponti buries Oonagh

More elvish
Senta-Sofia Delliponti buries Oonagh

Many still know her as the actress of Tanja Seefeld in “Gute Zeiten, Schlechte Zeiten”. But under the stage name Oonagh and with Elvish lyrics, she also celebrates success as a singer. But this chapter is now over. Delliponti is repositioning itself musically.

The concept worked. Senta-Sofia Delliponti has been acting as an elf singer under the pseudonym Oonagh since 2014. Their elvishly-lyriced music touches the nerve of fantasy hype as much as it reaches Schlager fans. Delliponti released four studio albums in the form of his alter ego – all four found themselves in the German top ten.

But now the figure has apparently had its day. On her Instagram page, the 31-year-old has already announced that “something new is coming” on April 14. The secret of what it’s all about has now been revealed: Delliponti is saying goodbye to his fictional character Oonagh and breaking new ground in music as Senta.

“I’m excited. I’m growing so much, I don’t know myself like that yet. I’m a person who likes to control what I do and right now I don’t have it. And it feels good,” Delliponti says in an exclusive interview granted to RTL.

“I’ll take songs with me”

The decision is not easy for her, assures the singer and tries to comfort her fans: “I will take Oonagh songs with me. I will definitely sing newly arranged Oonagh songs live at concerts. I am grateful for this trip.”

The corona pandemic probably also contributed to his decision. “To have this time and this privilege to look at everything and check what still belongs to me, what no longer belongs to me, what I wish”, explains Delliponti in the RTL interview. When she started writing new songs, she remarked “it’s purer with Senta. Purer, more real and I crave it”.

Since 2017 mom

At first, however, she barely dared to say it, Delliponti says. “I felt it, but I didn’t dare because Oonagh was security for me too. Apparent security.” But now she just wants it to work. “I will put all my heart into it,” she promises.

Although Delliponti has been particularly successful with her music in recent years, she will be remembered by many as an actress as well. After all, from 2010 to 2013 she was seen as Tanja Seefeld in “Gute Zeiten, Schlechte Zeiten”. Privately, Delliponti has been a mother for several years. In December 2017, she gave birth to a daughter.

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