Presidential election live: Léa Salamé and Gilles Bouleau moderate the debate between the two rounds


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Mélenchon advises his troops

On Wednesday, the Insoumis leader and unsuccessful first-round candidate launched a consultation among his 310,000 activists on the behavior to be adopted for the second round of the ballot. White vote, zero vote or vote for Emmanuel Macron: result on April 16, 8 p.m


Jean Castex in Réunion to “convince” Mélenchonists and teetotalers.

The Prime Minister has just arrived in Réunion, the most populous overseas department, where he wants to address “those who voted for Jean-Luc Mélenchon”, who received more than 40% of the votes there in the first round. “There were also the teetotalers on Réunion, which I would also like to address,” the head of government added to the press. Almost every second voter avoided the ballot box in the first ballot on La Réunion (46.36%).

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Update on Marine Le Pen’s muscular expulsion of an opponent

When the candidate gave a press conference on Wednesday, a protester was dragged out of the room by her arms. Marine Le Pen blamed “Mr. Darmanin’s police” who blamed the National Rally’s security service. Who is right, who is wrong? We take stock.


The debate between Emmanuel Macron and Marine Le Pen moderated by Léa Salamé and Gilles Bouleau


Marine Le Pen’s creed finally approved, but with ‘cautions’


Marine Le Pen could count on public consultation on the reintroduction of the death penalty

“The issue of the death penalty could go through a referendum, everything could go through a referendum except what is unconstitutional,” the RN candidate told France 2 on Thursday.


“We’ve been biting for 5 years”


According to Bayrou, the announcement of his retirement at 65 was “too brutal”.

The Mayor of Pau believes on BFMTV-RMC that Emmanuel Macron’s announcement that he wants to raise the retirement age to 65 was “brutal, too brutal”. “There was a communication failure when we believed this progressive movement was going to become a brutal movement,” he continues.


François Bayrou is ready, “why not”, to reach into the wallet for Valérie Pécresse

The modem’s president says he’s willing, “why not,” to help candidate LR in financial trouble. “I did that other time for political forces, but no one knew about it. I have no trouble” in helping other political figures, he replies to RMC-BFMTV.


Gabriel Attal is against Marine Le Pen and the youth

The government spokesman knows that it has been a long time since “the young people were angry”, systematically “the Front National”. So Gabriel Attal insists on the program of the candidate who, in her opinion, runs counter to the ideals of young people. “Young people want us to fight global warming. […] Marine Le Pen wants to completely rethink our climate commitments. Young people want to advance our rights, Marine Le Pen opposed PMA for all »


Marine Le Pen’s Slippers Campaign

” So what ? “, Gabriel Attal replies almost on LCI this morning. “Politics will also confront those with whom you disagree. (…) Emmanuel Macron traveled to cities where the National Rally achieved its best results. Marine Le Pen campaigns in slippers between hotel lounges and places where she has had her best results,” the government spokeswoman continued.


Macron “is not the main author of the difficulties we are in,” defends Bayrou

Emmanuel Macron can count on François Bayrou to defend his record. “Five years ago, unemployment was everywhere,” defends the head of MoDem and mayor of Pau, guest of RMC-BFMTV this Thursday morning.

François Bayrou conjures up “three tsunamis” – the yellow vests, the pandemic and the war in Ukraine. “Everyone has a share of responsibility (…) Obviously the rulers share a responsibility, he and everyone who preceded him. But that is not the main cause of the difficulties we are in. All of us together failed to heal anything in French society. »


“Emmanuel Macron’s score is progressing”

That five-year term “has been a five-year crisis period,” government spokesman Gabriel Attal analyzes on LCI this morning, but it must be noted that Emmanuel Macron’s score is progressing,” continues the support of the outgoing president. “This campaign wasn’t meant to be against but to theis the project of Emmanuel Macron to the employment,” continues Gabriel Attal, who stresses that the Macron team “wants to increase pensions by 4%”.


“Don’t tell me Marine Le Pen is a Democrat”

Zemmour, Le Pen, the same fight according to Claude Malhuret, President of the Independents Group in the Senate, interviewed on Europe 1 this Thursday morning. “They are equal. You left three months before the election and worked together for years. Don’t tell me Marine Le Pen is a Democrat. It is not a paragon of democracy. »


Poutou shows generosity to Pécresse


At Pro-Zemmour, the move to Marine Le Pen is not automatic

Some of Eric Zemmour’s unlucky voters have never voted for the Rassemblement’s national candidate and are reluctant to vote for her in the second round. We went to meet them.


Marine Le Pen and “Mr. Darmanin’s Cops”

Returning to an opponent’s muscular exit during her press conference yesterday, Marine Le Pen went back on her words and on Wednesday blamed “Mr Darmanin’s police officers” while others invoked his service’s responsibility for personal order. “I made absolutely no accusations against the police. I couldn’t see anything, I was extremely far away. (…) I will not apologize, said the candidate. (The disruptor) was evacuated by having my security drag her to the ground because the injured police officer was unable to continue. »


In Ukraine, “the term war crimes is being adapted”

“I consider (the acts committed in Ukraine) a war crime as soon as civilians are murdered in this way,” Marine Le Pen said on France 2 this Thursday morning. (…) I think the guilty should be removed from the Council of Nations . The candidate returns to “the need to try in the future to ensure that NATO resumes contact with Russia once a peace treaty has been found”. And the candidate again evokes the “great danger” that an alliance between Russia and China would pose.


Tap Macron to forget Putin

Marine Le Pen, who laid out her foreign policy line on Wednesday, remains stuck on her positions towards Russia. His way of doing the parade? Tap the decisions of Emmanuel Macron, candidate for the presidency of “France That Stops” to position himself as a candidate for “France That Works”.


Where are we tracking the candidates this Thursday?

To guess where Emmanuel Macron and Marine Le Pen will stand this Thursday: a quick look at the results of the first round, a focus on the cities that voted for Jean-Luc Mélenchon and that’s it. The outgoing president is in Le Havre this Thursday (30% for Mélenchon) and his rival in Avignon, both aiming to win back as many Melenchonist voters as possible.


What do Emmanuel Macron and Marine Le Pen propose on purchasing power?

Electricity and gas price freezes, food vouchers, abolition of certain taxes… The least we can say is that the two candidates are not working in the same way to improve the purchasing power of the French. In this article we take stock.


Can Marine Le Pen win?


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