Rummenigge speaks after FC Bayern CL exit with clear advice

Updated on 04/14/2022 at 06:59

  • After FC Bayern’s elimination from the Champions League, Karl-Heinz Rummenigge and Lothar Matthäus spoke with their assessments.
  • Former FC Bayern CEO Rummenigge gives clear advice to Bayern officials.
  • Meanwhile, Lothar Matthäus criticizes Oliver Kahn’s handling of CL’s disappointment.

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According to longtime Munich CEO Karl-Heinz Rummenigge, FC Bayern Munich’s Champions League exit was not due to a lack of quality in the team. “There are 18 players in the FC Bayern squad who are expected to participate in the World Cup,” the 66-year-old told ‘Bild’ (Thursday). “The elimination is not due to the quality of the team.”

After a 0-1 draw in the first leg, clear favorites FC Bayern were eliminated by a 1-1 draw in the second leg against FC Villarreal on Tuesday in the Champions League quarter-finals. In the summer of 2021, after two decades, Rummenigge handed over the presidency of the German record champions to Oliver Kahn.

Rummenigge with clear advice to Bayern officials

Rummenigge told the newspaper that losing to Villarreal in the quarter-finals did not reflect the expectations of FC Bayern and their supporters. “If I could give FC Bayern one piece of advice, and this applies to football in general, it would be that everyone at the club should stick to their skills. Things like contract extensions are a matter for the board. and plank surveillance.”

He had noticed that the impression had been created that only contract negotiations took place all the time, and that everything was constantly discussed publicly. “It’s not good, it’s not useful in such a phase of the season. Here you have to find a procedure that does not permanently disturb the climate.”

The disappointment after the start was huge, Rummenigge said. Bayern had a dark day in the first leg. “If you analyze the 180 minutes with sobriety, Villarreal’s progression is not even undeserved.” There are so many issues, financial income, image, discussions with players about contract extensions. “A defeat like this comes at the worst possible time.”

FC Bayern has emerged from the “top class”. For a long time, the record-breaking German champions dominated the second leg against FC Villarreal, even leading thanks to a goal from the world footballer. Then the guests managed to equalize late. Thumbnail: photo alliance/SvenSimon/Frank Hoermann

Matthew criticizes Kahn

Meanwhile, Lothar Matthäus has no understanding to deal with the knockout. “Officials said it was 1-1 nicer than it was. Three big chances are not like Bayern, claim and quality are actually higher,” the national record holder wrote in a column for “Kicker” (Thursday). “There was a lack of self-image, of individual situations, of determination to move forward. The classic FC Bayern DNA is missing, uncertainty has crept in,” criticized Matthäus.

After a 0-1 draw in the first leg, clear favorites FC Bayern were eliminated by a 1-1 draw against Villarreal in the Champions League quarter-finals. “Oliver Kahn spoke clearly as a player. It would be nice if he came back there. He can’t say you’re happy with your own performance and haven’t seen the tactics at Villarreal,” said writes Matthaus. “If that is Bayern Munich’s sense of entitlement, then he has rowed in the wrong direction.” (dpa/ska)

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