So far there is no practical proof: the CIA takes Putin’s nuclear threat seriously

So far there is no practical evidence
CIA Takes Putin’s Nuclear Threat Seriously

CIA boss Burns fears the Kremlin leadership under President Putin is so desperate in the face of military defeats in Ukraine that it is detonating tactical nuclear weapons. So far, however, he has seen no concrete sign of such a mission.

Given Russia’s military setbacks in Ukraine, the possible threat of Russian use of tactical nuclear bombs should not be taken lightly, according to CIA chief Bill Burns. Moscow has used threatening gestures when making statements about its increased nuclear weapons readiness, but so far the US has seen little practical evidence such as troop movements or military preparations, the head of US intelligence said at a university in the state. from Georgia.

Referring to Russian President Vladimir Putin, Burns said: “Given the possible desperation of President Putin and the Russian leadership, given the military setbacks suffered so far, none of us can underestimate the threat of a possible use of tactical or low-yield nukes. Shoulder. We don’t,” Burns said.

By tactical nuclear weapons, we mean nuclear weapons whose range and explosive power are significantly lower than those of strategic nuclear weapons. They could theoretically be used in combat as a powerful alternative to conventional weapons. With his policy, US President Joe Biden is trying “to avoid a third world war, to avoid a threshold at which … a nuclear conflict becomes possible”, declared the head of the CIA.

The president therefore made it clear that neither the United States nor NATO would intervene directly in the war in Ukraine. Concerns in the West about Moscow’s possible nuclear weapons plans grew when Putin put Russia’s deterrent weapons on high alert at the start of the war in Ukraine. Russia also counts its nuclear bombs among these weapons.

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