takes place the presidential election campaign of Wednesday, 13

After the first round of the presidential elections and the debacle of the left parties – with the exception of La France Insoumise (LFI), whose candidate Jean-Luc Mélenchon took third place – exchanges between political parties have resumed in view of the general elections in June.

From the French Communist Party (PCF) to the Socialist Party (PS), the four major left political movements say they want to run together in this election to better influence the parliamentary opposition. But agreements are yet to be reached and discussions promise to be tricky.

In the PS, many leaders and elected officials refuse to form an alliance with LFI because of disagreements over secularism and the diplomatic line towards Russia. “Only the union with our historical partners [communistes, écologistes, radicaux de gauche] can win trying to reassure Patrick Kanner, leader of the Socialist Group in the Senate, with our colleague Laurent Telo. The reality of PS local anchoring is an accomplishment that weighs. We can’t without us. »

As our journalist writes, some environmentalists dream of a summit agreement with LFI instead. You will pay attention to the next behavior of Mr. Mélenchon. “The ecology folks voted a lot for LFIsaid MEP David Cormand. We must draw the conclusions for legislation [le parti écologiste, stricto sensu, ne compte aucun député dans ses rangs]. Personally, when Jean-Luc Mélenchon opens his arms to us, I think we have to accept that. »

At LFI we approached the Greens and the PCF ahead of the first round rather than the PS, which we think the time of dawn has come. Speaking to Franceinfo this morning, Mélenchon’s campaign manager Manuel Bompard said LFI wanted for the general elections “Regrouping [des partis de gauche] takes place around the program directed by Jean-Luc Mélenchon » and proportional to the results of the first round of presidential elections.

After their heavy defeat, the socialists and ecologists are now playing their immediate political survival. Read here:

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