The lion’s den: Ankerkraut harvests Shitstorm after the agreement with Nestlé

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Of: Patricia Huber


Ankerkraut founders Anne and Stefan Lemcke have received widespread criticism for their deal with Nestlé. © Laurent Gillieron/Future Image/dpa/IMAGO (Edit)

Nestlé takes over the majority of the Hamburg spice manufacturer Ankerkraut. But customers and cooperation partners are not enthusiastic about it at all.

Hamburg – On Wednesday, spice company Ankerkraut announced that food company Nestlé is now the largest shareholder. While the founders describe the move as “a great opportunity”, the deal largely fails with most observers and fans. On social media platforms like Twitter or Instagram, many users laugh at the case of the start-up “Lion’s Den”. And even on the LinkedIn jobs platform, which is otherwise known for its mostly positive reviews, the deal has met with unusually harsh criticism.

Ankerkraut and Nestlé: takeover causes a shit storm

The comments below the company’s announcement post are unequivocal. “You sold your soul to the devil”, “When greed eats away at your brain – no more Ankerkraut in my kitchen” or “Unfortunately I took a wrong turn and crashed into the wall” are just just a few of the hundreds of reviews from disappointed customers. .

But consumers aren’t the only ones disappointed. A major cooperation partner has also made it clear in a public statement what it thinks of the news. YouTube star LeFloid, who regularly inspires millions of subscribers with his videos, actually had a cooperation with Ankerkraut. But since the Nestlé deal, that’s probably history. On Instagram he writes: “Since a cooperation with Nestlé is out of the question for us, we see no other option than to end the cooperation with Ankerkraut as soon as possible.

LeFloid has received a lot of support from his fans. A user writes: “Good decision. It’s a shame for the store, but there are definitely alternatives with more backbone.” Another said, “Hats off for that decision. Personally, I think that’s absolutely fair and exemplary of you, especially considering the “impact” of the decision for you. In fact, LeFloid even launched his own spice called “Holy Smokes” with Ankerkraut. It’s not yet clear how the YouTuber’s spice mix will continue.

Nestlé: Strong criticism of the water scandal

But why are so many consumers resisting food giant Nestlé? The group earned its dubious reputation through numerous scandals. Former Nestlé Chairman Peter Brabeck-Letmathe caused what is probably the greatest image damage in a 2005 interview. At that time he was talking about water and explaining that this raw material has a market value and is therefore not a public good. From this, most listeners have concluded that Brabeck-Letmathe does not consider water a human right.

On its website, however, the group rows: “At Nestlé, we firmly believe that access to water is a basic human right. We fully recognize the human right to water, which was adopted by the United Nations General Assembly in 2010.” Regarding the relevant interview, it is written: “The interview in the video is an excerpt from a 2005 documentary, which is out of context was torn. This excerpt misrepresents the view of our President Emeritus, who has repeatedly stated that everyone has the right to clean water to meet their basic hydration and hygiene needs.

Nestlé: Always new scandals

Nestlé is also heavily criticized for buying water rights. The problem: where Nestlé draws water, it becomes scarce. It’s a big problem in the French village of Vittel*. The level of the water table continues to drop – the villagers protest. There are also other baby milk powder scandals, criticism of the products’ excessive sugar content and the mountains of waste caused by Nespresso coffee capsules.

There are therefore many reasons why consumers may choose not to buy Nestlé products. The bad reputation of big business is now also the fate of the small start-up Ankerkraut. (ph) * is an offer of IPPEN.MEDIA.

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