The Sorbonne is blocking “against Macron, Le Pen and their world,” and the situation is escalating

Students have been blocking the Sorbonne campus in Paris since Wednesday. They denounce the “wrong choice” of the second round of the presidential election between Emmanuel Macron and Marine Le Pen. This Thursday, a protest at Sciences Po Paris began during the day.

Neither Macron nor Le Pen. It is the indicated and accepted choice of the students who have been blockading the Sorbonne premises in Paris for more than 24 hours. A real generational conflict for these young people who don’t understand how Emmanuel Macron and Marine Le Pen were able to prevail. The students point to the lack of social and environmental policies of the two candidates.

resignation of youth

The Parisian establishment was closed for several hours. The decision was made during a Wednesday faculty meeting where Parisian students decided to vote in favor of the lockdown by a majority. According to Le Figaro, between 300 and 400 students occupied the premises.

But this Thursday, April 14, the tension has gone up a notch. Security forces blocked access to the building, angering students who wanted to return for a new general assembly. According to a journalist from HuffPost on the spot, chairs, bottles, coat racks or even printers were thrown in the direction of the police.

At the beginning of the afternoon, several hundred demonstrators gathered in front of the main building to support the occupation of the Sorbonne. A protest poster against “Macron, Le Pen and their world” was put up from a window of the restaurant.

“Even if Macron doesn’t want it, we are here! »

The Sorbonne has been occupied for 24 hours “against Macron, Le Pen and their world” with a large support committee in front of the building. #Sorbonne

— Remy Buisine (@RemyBuisine) April 14, 2022

A tense situation at the beginning of the evening

But the situation quickly became tense. The students reportedly tried to stop the police from erecting an iron barrier around the faculty. The police would then have used tear gas against the entire crowd. At the start of the evening, freelance journalist Clément Lanot’s images revealed a lot of tension around the site. Young people and the police collide in thick clouds of tear gas.

A procession even broke out in a wild demonstration in the streets of Paris, to the rhythm of the evocative slogan: “Down with the state, the cops and the fachos”, more motivated than ever.

One of the Sciences Po Paris sites was blocked by 150 students even during the day, France Info reports. It is the buildings at 27 rue Saint-Guillaume in Paris that would have been the target of the blockade. “Courses scheduled for today on this site have switched to distance learning. Sciences Po’s other locations remain open and functioning normally,” the facility said.

A concrete example of the mood that prevails among some young people a few days before the second round.

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