Valentin Porte left by his wife: “I find it difficult to understand him”

A return that will do him great good. After declining the coach’s invitation during the last meeting of the French handball team, Valentine’s Day door decided this time to return to the blues. As captain of the team, he explained at the time that he didn’t feel mentally good enough. “My wife left after the EM. That forced me to go into therapy for the first time to try to cope.”he explained to justify this absence.

Valentin Porte, who is now under psychological surveillance, has therefore made a comeback alongside his teammates, starting with Nikola Karabatic and his brother Luka. A return where he wanted to play transparency. “I explained the reasons for my absence to the guys. I told them that a while ago I really wasn’t feeling well. I apologized for not even showing up for the start of the class last time. I also didn’t follow the competition, which I missed because I really needed to cut.he tells in the columns of the Pariser.

It is too complicated. Even I have a hard time understanding it. And then it’s too personal

If he assures youhe “feel better” Today, Valentin Porte still has a long way to go before he regains optimal sanity. Psychologically haunted, he explained, he doesn’t necessarily want to expand when asked what the work he’s doing on himself is. “It’s too complicated. Even I find it difficult to understand. And then it’s too personal.”he replies.

Now on the right track, he assures us, this return to the French team proves he was able to make the right decisions following the departure of his wife. “I’m slowly going uphill privately and professionally, I feel less fear and discomfort than last time. I pretty much experienced the whirlwind that accompanied my confession. I decided to provoke her.”the handball player admits today.

Valentin Porte returning to the blues seems to be doing much better. The 31-year-old right-back is an essential part of Guillaume Gilles’ team and is on the mend, he says today.

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