Volleyball: A fight spoils the evening for the third game between Narbonne and Sète

While Sète had won the third quarter-final game against Narbonne (3-1), the match ended in a completely incomprehensible situation. After the final whistle, a big scuffle broke out on the pitch.

In this third match of the quarter-finals of the French championship, Narbonne Volley mainly had in mind to end this series in order to afford a semi-final. And while Sète had sent the two teams to a fourth game, winning 3 sets to 1 on their floor, by the end of the meeting the tension between Narbonnais and Sète was palpable.

The spectators also have their share of responsibility if a ball is touched by a spectator in full action. But after the final whistle and as the centurions regroup to remobilize, security guards enter the arena without necessarily having the right to do so.

First verbal arguments with the Narbonne volleyball team, then one of them punches Leandro Lardone in the face. The imposing Argentine immediately falls to the ground. And after a period of misunderstanding from Rafael Araujo’s teammates, a major scuffle broke out. The situation finally calmed down almost 30 minutes later…

Mandrou: “We will report to the police”

NV manager Michel Mandrou still didn’t understand what had just happened and was in his right mind: “There’s this inadmissible thing that happens at the end. It’s not possible for a security guard to attack an employee… It’s unbelievable. I don’t know what the league will decide with the current manager’s reports. For our part, we will file a report with the police. We depend on what the LNV decides. »

So the case follows for the game this Saturday (7.30 p.m.). Because yes, there was also sport on this Thursday evening between Narbonne and Sète. Narbonne also set foot in Sète on Wednesday. Two training sessions in this Barrou room, one night in the hotel. The supporters had also traveled to Hérault.

The entire Narbonne Volley office was present with more than fifty supporters between the supporters and the players’ families. But the party will finally have turned into a nightmare… A defeat and a more than stormy aftermath.

Sète goes into a fourth round in this quarterfinal

Narbonne Volley got off to a flying start (0-3). But with a wrong rhythm, Sète comes back to score (7-7). The two teams then engage in a mano a mano, but the locals retain a slight advantage (13-11). The Héraultais didn’t let go of the score. And on Sete’s second ball, Ryan Sclater finishes the round (25-21).

At the beginning of the second set, a crossover begins (2:2). Narbonne ups the intensity slider on Nicolas Uriarte’s serve (6-9). With better momentum, Narbonne Volley logically sticks to one set throughout (17-25).

The third set starts like the previous one (4-4). And the crossover does not stop (20-20). The two teams found themselves back to back until the end (24:24). After a controversial decision, Sète wins this very close round (26-24).
Never two without three to open this fourth round (4-4, then 11-11). And this time Sète benefits from three points (18-15). The Narbonne machine stalled and the locals took advantage (20-16 then 25-19).

The Narbonnais are staying in the Hérault until Saturday to prepare for their fourth game, which still has a chance of qualifying for the semi-finals.

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